Whenever I get mail from our USA agency or USA lawyer my heart sort of skips a beat.  I instantly prepare myself for the worst, then I just open the letter/package to dive into whatever crazy is inside the package.

20150130 -  Similarities between Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Adoption2Much to my surprise, this time I opened the mail to see a refund cheque from our lawyer.  For the whopping total of approximately $400 USD.

The very thought of being sent a refund had me baffled.  In fact, I was so surprised I walked into the other room where Baby MPB and Mr. MPB were playing to exclaim my surprise.

Who knew we’d both be super excited by $400 USD?  Truthfully, neither of us truly cared about the $400.  Compared to what we spent, $400 is almost irrelevant and doesn’t even start to pay down our debt.  What we cared about the surprise refund – the principal of the matter.  We paid cash for something and the service provider didn’t use all the cash so they returned it. Who would have thought?!

Now is where I feel the need to share that we were forced to pay for multiple weeks of cradle care with our USA agency – we only used 1 week.  Yet, we have never seen a refund for the unused weeks.  And, I know we never will be.

See, things like a refund for unused services shouldn’t be a surprise, not in the modern world we live in.  But when it comes to our international adoption, nothing has been normal and common sense has not governed the process.  So, here we are, surprised by something that normally we take for granted.

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10 Comments on “Refund

  1. Well, you know, you’re supposed to be so grateful that you even got a baby that what it cost shouldn’t matter to you. And THIS is one of the reasons why I don’t like the adoption process in the US. They probably assume that you won’t miss what you’ve already paid out, and that you’ll never know it wasn’t used. So upsetting… I shouldn’t even get started.

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  2. I love little surprises like this. One of our doctors waived his fee to talk to us recently. It wasn’t a whole lot, but it was nice to see people do something above the usual expectation. 🙂

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    • Our paed charged us only the standard fee (which is covered in full by the govt) when we visited the other day and I was so thrilled. It was like he acknowledges that we have had to visit a lot so reduced the cost just that one time. So nice.

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  3. I don’t know what cradle care is. . . and I agree that $400 USD isn’t much, but what a nice surprise.


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