My TWW Signs

In addition to my last post on the TWW Crazies, today I’m going to share my two most interesting moments during this TWW.  Don’t worry, there was no emotional breakdown or any sort of devastating news or insightful moments.

First, I will share a picture of something I found last Friday as we were driving to the mountains – not long after I should have ovulated.  I found this in the underside of a bottle cap from favourite pop (or soda for the non-Canadian readers out there).  I don’t often drink pop, but when I do I almost always turn to a Cream Soda from Jones Soda.  They always have cute sayings written under the bottle cap.  This is the saying I received:

The rainbow's treasure will soon belong to you.

The rainbow’s treasure will soon belong to you.


I think it’s important to remember that I am not a believer in signs, but this one literally slapped me in the face with how obvious it was, so after explaining what a rainbow baby is to my very skeptical husband, we shared a bit of laugh.  I felt compelled to carry this around with me all weekend while camping, until we got back home and I could dig out our old macro lens, figure out how to get it to work on a modern day camera (or rather wait until my husband could make the old and new technology work together to create a legible photo).  Anyways, some people would take this as a good sign – I mean, how often does a bottle cap from the makers of Jones Soda tell you about the rainbow’s treasure?  And for me, as a non-sign believer, I thought maybe it could mean this month was going to be the one that sticks.  Maybe, we’d finally get our rainbow after the storm.

But then, all that changed the other morning (Tuesday to be exact) when my dog jumped on me.  She spent the morning in the backyard and when I let her back inside, she jumped on me. Not running at me full force, knock me over kind of jump. Just two paws on my side. She only jumps like this when she’s super excited, and even then it’s pretty rare that she will jump on me (we worked really hard with her to break a jumping habit that had the force to knock grown adults over once she weighed 90lbs). Typically she just jumps next to me as she completes her happy circle dance.

So, anyways, I have now officially written off this cycle.

In 2 years, and during all but one of our pregnancies, my dog has not jumped on me during the TWW leading up to a BFP. I wrote on that in one of my very first blog posts – you can check it out here.

Yes, you read that right. Somehow, for this incredibly logical and practical person, I have a belief that my dog knows about a pregnancy before I do. I seem to think that she is somehow psychic or at the very least very intuitive.

Right now, I’m not paying too much attention to my own physical symptoms because after 5 pregnancies in 2 years, I honestly don’t put much stock in the early symptoms.  For example, I’m not thinking about my breasts, nearly as much as Elisha is (check out her hilarious blog post here).  But evidently, during this TWW I tried to put my faith in a sign from a bottle cap, and I have put all my faith in my dog’s behaviour.  So, for a non sign person, I have found to completely contradictory signs within a few days of each other.  And of the two signs, my brain has rationalized that my dog’s behavior wins as the more important sign.  But, rationally, I know that I will just have to keep waiting to find out, but honestly, how can I not believe in my dog’s magical knowledge?

So, as of now, I’m convinced we are not pregnant, and it will take at least 2 pink lines and a positive beta test before I will believe that we are pregnant from this cycle.

Anyways, I hope you are able to enjoy the humor in this, because I for one am enjoying a laugh at myself right now as I try to determine if the people at Jones Soda or my dog is giving me the “right” sign.

Happy TWW to everyone else who is driving themselves (and there partners) crazy with over analyzing every possible symptom!

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31 Comments on “My TWW Signs

  1. I can so relate to this post and yes I am having a good laugh with you. Also, I have used my dog as a magic 8 ball, too (she jumps over me, se knows I’m pg; she jumps on me, she knows I’m not). The TWW makes us all a little loopy. I HOPE YOUR DOG IS WRONG!!!


    • I am totally starting to use my dog as a magic 8 ball! I can judge her answer based on the look she gives me – her quizical look shall mean undecided, her listening to me shall mean yes and her complete refusal to listen to me shall mean no. This should at least offer me some more humor in my life 🙂
      Thanks for the encouragement, I too hope my dog is wrong!


  2. For a while I was convinced my animals would know before me. I kept waiting for the dogs to act differently or the cats to want to snuggle my belly. They eventually proved themselves useless as fortune tellers. I still have to guard myself from being paw-punched in the gut on a daily basis.


    • Thanks for sharing! I love that you have to guard yourself from paw-punches.
      My husband is with you that my dog does not have a fortune telling 6th sense for detecting babies. I think he’s hoping I’ll stop reading into my dog’s signs sometime soon. 🙂


  3. I would’ve carried that top around too. I’ve seen a few rainbows since our loss and always wanted to believe that it meant that *that* cycle was it. They weren’t. This past 2ww I looked at my boobs pretty much every day. I definitely feel like I am slowly losing my mind over here, so it makes me feel a little better to know I’m not the only one. Hugs to you, here’s hoping you’re preconceived notions are wrong!


  4. I don’t know if you saw my recent post where I re-posted the fortune cookie I got from PF Changs the cycle before I became pregnant with this pregnancy. It said “you will soon witness a miracle”. I was convinced it meant I was going to get pregnant that cycle and have our take home baby, but then AF arrived right on schedule. I was so disappointed, but then the very next cycle it happened and here we are. Soooo maybe it’s this cycle or maybe not, but that is definitely a sign you should not ignore! I of course totally believe in signs 😉

    As for your dog, I’m on the fence on whether they know or don’t know. I have 2 cats. My older kitty hasn’t left me alone since I first became pregnant. She’s usually my husband’s cat, but has been glued to me for months now. The younger cat, is completely clueless and couldn’t care less. So hard to say. Maybe, your dog jumping on you this time is a sign that this is the one! Haha, there I go looking for signs again. But seriously, I really do believe in signs. Listen to the power of the bottle cap!


    • Yes, I saw your post not to long ago with the picture, and thought of it the second I opened the bottle of pop and read the message. Hopefully, just like you, my next one will be the one. 🙂
      And, as for reading the signs, I do hope the makers of Jones Soda know something I do not. And, I hope that you are right about that bottle cap, and I even hope that you are right that in some way my dog was giving me a love tap of encouragement.
      Maybe I don’t read into signs because its just so complicated and open to interpretation? 🙂


      • It’s so true. They are, but that bottle cap is definitely a good one. Hoping it means good things to come!

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  5. Oh this to me is exciting!! I’m taking the bottle cap as a good sign and hoping that if it’s not this cycle, then it will be the next one! Love ya girlie and thanks for giving my post a shout out 🙂 tehehe


      • I have been sitting here staring at a blank computer screen for most of the afternoon unable to come up with something for the Monday Funnies…bleck


      • I think you could easily continue on our TWW theme of the week – lists and suggestions on how to pass time, funny pictures (google tww pictures and its rather funny what comes up), and you know all the crazy that so many of us exhibit. 🙂
        But, whatever you do, I know it will be awesome.

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  6. I’m still hoping for you! I hear you about the dog, but don’t give up yet!


  7. Thank you for making me laugh and oh boy can I relate!

    A few months ago, I had a fortune cookie that said “spring has sprung, life is blooming”. Of course, I took that to mean I was pregnant! Um… No.
    Every rainbow meant a baby was on its way.
    I’ve given up on TWW signs or symptoms and symbolisms.

    For the record, I hope your dog is wrong!


    • Thanks so much for sharing your TWW sign – it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.
      I too typically don’t pay too much attention to them, but the pop bottle cap was just too obvious to not notice and then my dog’s jump also made me think.
      Anyways, they probably both mean nothing, but at least its made me laugh 🙂


  8. I confess. I did that, looking for signs, relevant or not. I made them relevant. I saw what I wanted to see. The only sign we are writing for is the two lines. Good luck, Girl!


  9. We grab at anything, don’t we??? But I think that is OK! It keeps us hopeful. I’m always looking for little signs from God, and everything we can see at a positive is good for our psyche, I think!


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