My Perfect Breakdown


Mother’s Day, like father’s day and valentines day, etc. are all what I like to call “Hallmark” made-up days.. Yes, they are fun excuse to tell people we love them, but I also am a firm believer that we should be telling and showing people our love on a regular/daily basis. And for me, I have to admit, I almost don’t like Mother’s Day. Truthfully, it just brings up so many emotions… Read More

I just became aware of the fact that Mother’s day is right around the corner.  It’s funny, after years of wishing I’d one day get to celebrate mother’s day with a child of my own, and having a mini-celebration last year, I’ve basically completely forgotten about it this year! Now that I’m part of the club, I could truly careless about the club – funny how that works.  When my mom died 20… Read More