My Perfect Breakdown


It’s clearly been a tough week in the MPB household. In not so good news, I am incredibly sick!  Currently it’s in my sinus’, which is really good considering my history with bronchitis over the last few years.  I have an appointment with my family doctor on Monday for other health stuff, so I’ll be sure to get him to check out my lungs while I’m there. Also in the not so… Read More

When your toddler wakes up with the sniffles, you slow down the morning routine and snuggle him. When your toddler comes home from daycare even more sick, you cancel a Christmas family outing to stay home and snuggle him. When your toddler cannot sleep through the night due to the aforementioned sickness, you stay up all night and snuggle him. When your toddler has been up all night sick, you have a… Read More