My Perfect Breakdown


Some people may remember over a year ago some of our family members told us they were expecting.  They did it in what I still think was an unbelievably cruel and insensitive way, so insensitive in fact that if there were an award for least supportive and compassionate people, I’d award it to them.  In fact, I was so incredibly hurt that I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to forgive them… Read More

My heart says yes.  My heart actually screams yes. My head says no.  There is just no practical way we make this happen. Oddly (or maybe not oddly at all), Mr. MPB seems to be saying the exact same thing. We would love another child.  A sibling for Baby MPB.  Another child for us to love. More laughter and love to fill our house.  If we were normal fertile people I have… Read More