My Perfect Breakdown


Recently friends stopped by late in the evening to pick something up.  They were here for all of 10 minutes. But, those 10 minutes, let me tell you, I felt all the feelings.  Their visit both made my day and completely shattered my heart. You see, they brought their puppy with them.  They have a Bernese Mountain Dog that is just 5 months old.  We adore Bernese Mountain Dogs, but we have always… Read More

Here’s the quick update/summary of what’s going on: The x-rays show that her intestines are squished into half the space they should be in.  There is a massive void in the other half of where they should extend through.  There is a small chance this void is the result of a naturally occurring small liver and the void is simply a large fatty deposit.  There is a very significant chance that this… Read More