All The Feelings

Recently friends stopped by late in the evening to pick something up.  They were here for all of 10 minutes.

But, those 10 minutes, let me tell you, I felt all the feelings.  Their visit both made my day and completely shattered my heart.

You see, they brought their puppy with them.  They have a Bernese Mountain Dog that is just 5 months old.  We adore Bernese Mountain Dogs, but we have always refused to get one because of their known health problems.

But anyways, this little bundle of fur was absolutely adorable.  He was just so cute and so happy, as all puppies should be.  He wanted to play, he wanted to check out every inch of our house and he just wanted to be loved.

Those 10 minutes he honestly brought so much happiness to me.  I kept teasing our friends kids (ages 8 and 10) that I was going to keep their new puppy.  They adamantly refused, but did promise I could visit him anytime.  I offered to puppy-sit anytime.  I got every single puppy snuggle that 10 minutes would allow (Little MPB was fast asleep when they visited, so I didn’t have to share the puppy snuggles with him).

And yet in those 10 minutes, I was reminded of how it’s been 4 months since we found out or dog was sick and we had to say goodbye.  It’s been 4 months of quiet.  4 months without doggy snuggles.  4 months without family walks.  4 months also means we have 4 months less of fur around the house – something that used to drive us crazy, is now something I miss and long for.

I know another dog will not replace our first family dog.  But, gosh, the doggy shaped hole in my heart needs another puppy to love. 

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3 Comments on “All The Feelings

  1. I totally get this. It was 4 months after I said good bye to The Furry One that I said hello to Yappy. Honestly the grief was unbearable. Hoping you find a little peace in those snuggles.


  2. Awww big hugs…grief doesn’t end til the heart stops. But so glad you got some happy puppy snuggles in 🙂


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