25 Days of Christmas In Photos

A few Christmas spirit inspired photos.  Enjoy!

Day 1: Outside Christmas lights, hung and lite.  The first Christmas decorations of 2017.

Day 2: A few Christmas gifts are wrapped and delivered.

Day 3:  Passing time while waiting to see Santa.

Day 4: Sticker fun with Little MPB.

Day 5:  Come hell or high-water, this Christmas craft will be made before December 24, 2017 (not 2018).

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5 Comments on “25 Days of Christmas In Photos

  1. I want to see that craft when it’s finished!! Love your wrapping paper. Snowmen are my favorite 🙂 How did little do with Santa??? C was so unhappy, but no tears were shed, and we actually got a decent picture!!

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    • Well, the craft items has been sitting on the kitchen table for over 2 weeks, so here’s to hoping I actually get it done before Christmas 2018!!!
      Little MPB loves people so there were no issues. We even got a pretty cute photo out of it. ☺

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  2. So excited about the glimpse of chubby Little MPB hands. So cute! I love toddler hands so much — I mean, I could say the same about toddler cheeks, toddler toes, toddler noses… 🙂

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  3. Love Little MPB’s red and black flannel. We have a bunch of those too and the little boys are just so adorable in them!!!

    And you go girl! Look at those decorations and wrapped gifts!! I have planned to wrap stuff multiple times already… I haven’t so much as pulled the wrapping paper up from the basement yet! LOL

    Happy Holidays!!!

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