Christmas Fun

By the time Christmas rolls around Mr. MPB and I are going to be absolutely exhausted.  I know we will given our work schedules, family commitments and just the general business of the season.  But, this year, Little MPB is at such an exciting age for Christmas fun.

So while us adults are going to be tired, we’ve decided that our exhaustion is no excuse (unlike a few years ago prior to Little MPB when we debated skipping Christmas all together and in the end we didn’t even put up a Christmas tree and just put out this silly little stuffed Reindeer.  Truthfully, that Christmas with no decorations was a tad bit depressing, but I still fully understand why we tried to skip it – years of miscarriages/losses, unsympathetic families, adoption waiting, etc.  It was all just too much at the time.

Now, in a weird way I’m glad we actually skipped Christmas that year because it helps me remember how depressing it was to not put up a tree.  Christmas morning simply wasn’t Christmas morning.  It wasn’t special.  So, now, when I’m dreading the task of putting everything up (and the eventual take down), I have those feelings inside me to remember why I want to celebrate.

And this year, even though I’m already exhausted thinking about it, there is just so much fun to be enjoyed this Christmas season.  I cannot lie, having Little MPB makes it so much more fun because we get to experience the magic of Christmas through his eyes.   And, so this year, we will partake because Little MPB deserves to enjoy the magic of the season.  I am already excited to see his face as he really gets into opening presents for the first time (last year he was just too young to truly get it).


I’ve also decided I miss using my camera.  It’s finding itself sitting on the shelf far too much lately.


So, I’m planning to do an extended 12 days of Christmas.  I’m going to do a full 24 days!  Or maybe 25, because how can I not take at least 1 photo on Christmas morning?

This means, starting today, every day until December 25, I am going to find something Christmassy that makes me smile.  And then I’m going to take a photo of it.  I’ll try to post them daily on IG, and at random times throughout the month I will share my happy Christmas themed photos here too.

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13 Comments on “Christmas Fun

  1. This is a fun idea! I have had Christmases like that before. Last year was like that. I’m trying to do better thus year. Having an ultrasound Christmas week will help.

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  2. I had no idea you had an IG, just asked to follow you, (rayeraye09).

    I’m not really into Christmas but this year I am getting into it! Must be bc of the babe…

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  3. I was never into Christmas until my son was born last year, and now I have my 5 month old daughter too how can I say no to Christmas. My children love the decorations and lights, and of course the excitement of all the build up…. maybe I am starting to enjoy this time of year too, just a little!


  4. I just sent you an IG “follow request” 🙂 You will see it from kiwinadian_andrea

    I’m with you on the christmas thing. last year we didn’t do a tree…or any decorations at all. But this year we decided that, even though we won’t be home at actual christmas, that it’s important for H to get to experience the magic of christmas now that he’s finally becoming aware of some of the holiday traditions unfolding around him. It will be fun as they get older and start to get more and more engrossed in it!

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