My Perfect Breakdown


I am still not thrilled about having to find childcare for Baby MPB while he is so young.  But, we’ve come to realize we need to.  It simply isn’t fair to Baby MPB to be juggled while we attempt to work, and it also isn’t fair to our clients for us to be disengaged with their projects.  (Although, truthfully, I care more about Baby MPB’s well being then my clients). I knew… Read More

We’ve been home for a little while now.  In that time we’ve been busy – community health nurse appointment, doctor appointments, weight checks, Provincial Health Care paperwork, post-placement home visits, visiting family and friends, etc. And, all the while we’ve both been attempting to work. Our frustrating reality, similar to many out there, is that we both have to work. We actually both were working while we were in the USA. We… Read More