My Perfect Breakdown


(Post attempt 2 – hopefully this time with the text.) Some would probably say that Baby MPB is a spoiled child. I beg to differ.  Simply, I do not believe a child under 1 can be spoiled.  There basic needs are pretty simple: food love safety/security developmental/educational toys/play I fully admit, Baby MPB has all of this.  In fact, he has as much of this as he could ever want.  But, as… Read More

The other day Baby MPB and I were at the mall.  Just the two of us. I sat down to feed him in a common area.  I pulled out a bottle.  I pulled out pre-made formula.  I poured the pre-made formula into the bottle.  Just as I have done countless times since Baby MPB was born. As I did this, I saw a random lady watching. Now, people watch Baby MPB all.the.time. … Read More