My Perfect Breakdown


(Post attempt 2 – hopefully this time with the text.) Some would probably say that Baby MPB is a spoiled child. I beg to differ.  Simply, I do not believe a child under 1 can be spoiled.  There basic needs are pretty simple: food love safety/security developmental/educational toys/play I fully admit, Baby MPB has all of this.  In fact, he has as much of this as he could ever want.  But, as… Read More

I will never: Let my child watch useless TV.  Seriously, maybe I can tolerate educational programs, and the odd Disney movie (because I love Disney), but if there is virtually no value to it, they are not watching it. Formula feed.  Nutrition is best, but I am going to breastfeed come hell or high water.  I can and will make it work. Tolerate my child screaming in a restaurant.  Seriously, is there… Read More