Spoiled Child

(Post attempt 2 – hopefully this time with the text.)

Some would probably say that Baby MPB is a spoiled child.

I beg to differ.  Simply, I do not believe a child under 1 can be spoiled.  There basic needs are pretty simple:

  • food
  • love
  • safety/security
  • developmental/educational toys/play

I fully admit, Baby MPB has all of this.  In fact, he has as much of this as he could ever want.  But, as I said, I just don’t believe it is possible to spoil a baby.

All this said, I am truly concerned about NOT spoiling Baby MPB with material goods as he grows up.  In all likelihood he will be an only child. And the last thing I want is to have a spoiled only child – you know, the stereotypical only child who is so spoiled they never learn to share and play well with other children, but they do learn to want and demand more material thing all the time.  You know, like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I know not all children are as spoiled as Veruca Salt, but it is still one of my fears.

So, it is really important to me that we, as his parents, help instill hard working values in him from a young age to help ensure he isn’t overly spoiled.  But, I also realize that in the long run Baby MPB will likely have the ability to turn into a spoiled only child if we aren’t careful.  And I also firmly believe that is on our shoulders to help prevent creating a spoiled brat at a young age because in reality we, the parents, have the ability to spoil him or not.  So, for now, I will continue to buy him developmental toys, but as he begins to grow up and understand life a bit more, we will have to train ourselves to be cognizant of this.

And since we are very aware of how much we don’t want to raise Baby MPB to be a mini Veruca Salt,we have thought of a few strategies to help encourage Baby MPB not to become overly spoiled with material goods:

  • He will have an age appropriate allowance based on age appropriate activities around the house so he learns how to earn money from a young age.
  • He purchase his own toys from money he saves up to learn the value of money.  Again, in an age appropriate context.
  • It’s important to me that he learns to help others, so we will encourage him to give some of his money to those without as much.  And again, at an age appropriate time, we will volunteer as a family to help those who don’t have as much as we do.

I don’t know if our strategies will work, only time will tell.

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12 Comments on “Spoiled Child

  1. I truly think just being aware and thoughtful with this means you are already on the way to a non spoiled kid. I am so with you on this!


  2. This is a fabulous plan! I tend to find that not just only children, but many children in general are spoiled, at least in the area I live. (We live near the nation’s capital, with high paying jobs, and therefor families with money…it makes sense.) I see every single day parents just giving kids what they want to keep them quiet or to get them to do what they want them to do, instead of teaching them manners and what the word “no” means. This irks me to no end, and we will NOT be raising our kids with these same ways of life! We had a list no the fridge when I was young of chores around the house and how much they earned (usually about 10 cents each), and had to save to buy toys as well. We were taught to listen and respect, to share, to value the things we have. I just don’t see that in general these days. Good luck with your plan…hopefully we can both raise respectful, appreciative families!


  3. He’s going to be just fine. 🙂 Don’t worry so , Momma. You got this.


  4. I agree that you can’t spoil a baby by providing for his basic needs. 🙂

    I think one thing that’s important as children get older is helping them to foster gratitude and compassion for others. Helping them realize how fortunate they are can be as important as not giving them too much “stuff.”

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  5. Sounds like a pretty good foundation. We have started chores for money here. It goes well for awhile and then it stops but if it stops he doesn’t get any money that week. It doesn’t bother him yet as I think we provide too much to be honest but we will get more strict when he starts school next year. I just need the energy to drive it!

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  6. I agree that it’s almost impossible to spoil an infant/child under 1. Too much love is not a thing : ) I too want to make sure we don’t buy too many toys and so on for E as he gets older but my mom always said that the one thing she never denied us was books. I feel like if he wants to read and has an interest in books that within reason we will probably give in to his requests : )

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  7. Ah bless! I think I will probably end up spoiling our baby if we get that far. I mean, I spoil the dog rotten so I can’t think the baby will be any different! I’m sure that your little one will be fine. Personally I think having an excessive belief in the love of your parents is a good thing! Toys, books etc are just things. Children can take joy in all sorts! You’ll be great!

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