Family Camping Take 2

We just got home from ananoth camping trip.  Somehow, I didn’t take many photos.

20160804 - Camping

This time no mountains.  Instead we went to a lake and we went with family.  In fact, we went with a giant group of family, some so far extended that we didn’t even know them.  This was pretty adventurous for us – camping with an infant with an audience.

I’ll fully admit that I am really glad we tried camping on our own first.  This enabled us to work out some of the possible problems without the helpful advice from those around us.

In the end, just like our first camping trip, Baby MPB was a wonderful.  He was a social butterfly, engaging with everyone and enjoying being passed around to people who would play with him.   He slept like a champ.  He even napped really well.  He enjoyed a day at the beach with a baby of a similar age, which means he also enjoyed his first taste of sand.  And his second and third and even fourth taste of sand, because apparently it’s yummy.

It was good.  I wasn’t surprised that Baby MPB was good, but I was very surprised that the visit with family went so well.  Honestly, I’ve been let down, hurt and disappointed too many times to count.  So, going in my expectations were pretty low – I’ll admit I even tried coming up with excuses to cancel at the last minute. And it wasn’t a perfect weekend, but I was pleasantly surprised with the visit.  I complained about a few things late at night quietly to Mr. MPB and I even walked away from a situation that I knew was going to upset me before it could. And so no outright upsetting events happened.  And for me, this means it was mostly a success.

In fact, Mr. MPB and I have decided we would go again next year if we are invited.

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4 Comments on “Family Camping Take 2

  1. I’m glad you were able to avoid some situations that may have been unpleasant or stressful, and that you had such a good time! It’s great that baby loves camping as much as you guys do. I hope this is just the beginning of some fun adventures that you all have together!

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