My Perfect Breakdown


The other day Baby MPB and I were at the mall.  Just the two of us. I sat down to feed him in a common area.  I pulled out a bottle.  I pulled out pre-made formula.  I poured the pre-made formula into the bottle.  Just as I have done countless times since Baby MPB was born. As I did this, I saw a random lady watching. Now, people watch Baby MPB all.the.time. … Read More

I have 4 very clear rules about commenting on my blog: Respect Support Polite Positivity Ultimately, My Perfect Breakdown is my blog and I reserve the right to moderate comments.  I firmly believe in making the world a better place, encouraging people and lifting up those who are struggling for any reason.  And so, as the keeper of my blog, it is my right to censor when needed. While I despise the… Read More