Christmas Magic & Memories

I’m a bit sad today.  Little MPB is back to daycare and Mr. MPB and I are working.  Is it ideal?  Absolutely not.  We’ve had so much fun over the last few days just the three of us and with family and friends.  So many special memories made, and so much Christmas magic filling our hearts and our lives.  Honestly, I’d give anything to keep the smiles and happiness going.  But, alas, Mr. MPB and I both have pressing year end deadlines and the clock is ticking.  So, work we must.

But, before I start working, I wanted to share a few of our highlights via photos:

Day 21: I fell in love with this hand painted Christmas ball, that reminded me of my mom’s love for glass art.  And, as an extra special touch, the artist also holds a special spot in my heart for her work with art through fertility.

Day 22: Christmas flowers for the win.

Day 23: 2 Days until Christmas day!

Day 24:  6 hours of driving, 4.5 hours of which were spent with Little MPB crying/screaming,, but it was worth it because there was so much happiness and love while playing with cousins and grandparents.

Day 25: Christmas morning at home, with the two loves of my life.  Spending Christmas with these two is the best and I am beyond grateful for my little family.

Day 25 – Part 2:  As an added bonus, friends joined us for Christmas day dinner.  We enjoyed their company.  And, we had a great Christmas meal – bacon wrapped moose tenderloin; baked Brussels sprouts, asparagus and sweet potatoes; and sauteed kale and spinach salad.  For dessert, stuffed apples with homemade ice cream. My heart and stomach were full!

This time of year, while magical, can also be so unbelievably hard as we dream of things we do not have and sometimes cannot have.  For me, Christmas is always marked with memories of my mom and sister and even our lost babies who do not get to be with me.  Thankfully, Little MPB eases that pain, even if only slightly (he will never replace past losses, that’s not his job and not a fair expectation to put on him).   And so, this year, I hope others who have mixed emotions have found moments to recognize and honour those they have lost and the dreams they are still waiting and hoping come true.  And mostly, I hope everyone has been taking care of themselves.

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5 Comments on “Christmas Magic & Memories

  1. Oh, that back to reality letdown. Ugh. Mark Zuckerberg gave a commencement speech in which he talked about everyone in the future receiving a stipend just for being. So we could all enjoy life and just do what we love. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

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