A String of Bad Luck

It’s turned into one of those weeks.  You know the kind….where we seem to be running a string of bad luck.  I feel as though it would be best if we just stayed home and hid from the world for a little bit.

Here’s my list of things that suck at the moment:

  • Obviously our hearts are breaking for our little nephew.
  • I’m sick.  Again.  I’m beyond frustrated.  Mr. MPB is frustrated and voicing his displeasure rather strongly – as if that will somehow magically make me healthy.
  • I have a throbbing headache.  Some might call it a migraine.  For me, this is not as bad as my normal migraines, so I’m not going to call it a migraine.  Instead I’m just going to complain that my head if killing me and I wish I didn’t have to work at a computer all day.
  • Mr. MPB was rear-ended not once, but rather twice in the span of two days!  Like seriously, what are the chances of that happening?  And even more randomly, both happened while he was parked in parking lots while sitting in his vehicle.  He’s fine.  Thankfully.  But, his vehicle is not.  And, so we are now waiting for insurance to sort everything out.  And, then we have to deal with taking his vehicle in for repairs likely next week or the following week.  And, we also have to pay our deductible that we should eventually get reimbursed for.  And, we have to get a new car seat for his car, because Little MPB’s safety is paramount.  And our crazy to-do list just keeps getting long and longer at a time when we really don’t have the spare time to deal with all of this.
  • I have to spend tomorrow in a course.  Again.  I’m so tired of these courses.  Yes, they are good for my career. But right now, 4 straight weekends of courses, I’m tired of them.  Arg!

I’d love to paint a pretty picture of how great life is, but in all honesty this week has been tough.  And I don’t really have the energy at the moment to find the positives.  So, I’m going to go hug my little boy and hope he is the pick-up I need right now.

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11 Comments on “A String of Bad Luck

  1. I’ve had one of those overwhelming weeks as well. I hope your not quite a migraine (I unfortunately know exactly what you mean) goes away soon and you get through the course this weekend okay. I feel utterly overwhelmed with everything I need to do, my life not looking how I want it, my loneliness, and my 8 straight days of not being able to breathe.

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  2. That is a lot to deal with all in one week.

    Most importantly, take a moment to breath and take care of yourself. You are no good to anyone else when you are not your best 100% self.

    I pray next week is a great week for you all.


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  3. Even though my sons were such a comfort when they were little, I do think tough weeks sometimes seem tougher when our kids are young because someone always needs something from us. And in a tough week, we feel we have less to give. Wishing you a break this week!

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  4. Oh MPB! Couldn’t read and run. I haven’t been blogging much – just checking in now and again. So sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. Especially your poor little nephew. Sending you love. Xx


  5. Yikes! I had a weekend a few weeks back where the door handle on our suv broke, then our washing machine and finally the garbage disposal when it shook one of A’s Hlass bottles off the side of the sink and it landed perfectly in there while grinding. 😔. Hope things start looking up soon!

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