As a Canadian we celebrated Thanksgiving back in October.  And yet, by complete coincidence as my USA friends are celebrating Thanksgiving today, I also need to focus on the theme of thankfulness.

You see a few days ago my nephew was rushed to the hospital.  He’s still in the hospital and we do not know when he’ll get to come home.  What we do know is that he will be okay, although he is likely facing a lifelong diagnosis that will very likely impact his overall quality of life.  I will not go into details here as he’s not my child, but I will say that it’s clear this is a heartbreaking situation.

I cannot even begin to imagine the fear this little boy is experiencing.  And, his parents fears, I have to say my heart goes out to them.  And, his sibling’s world has been completely thrown off kilter as he is old enough to understand what’s going on, was there as the EMS revive his brother and loaded him into the ambulance.

And, while somewhat removed from it, it’s also heartbreaking for Mr. MPB and I.  He is our nephew, whom we love so very much.  I’ve been brought to tears more times in the last few days then I would have imagined prior to having a child of my own.  As a parent, I now have a much deeper appreciation for this worry.  I cannot help but picture Little MPB being the one in the hospital bed and us facing all these unknowns, while only wanting to protect our son.  This is the type of situation that keeps parents awake at night, consumed by worry. 

Even now that the critical emergency is over, everyone is still filled with worry.  And, I cannot even begin to imagine how hard this is for the parents as I don’t think this is just a single moment in time worry.  For them, I assume it’s going to be lifelong.  Yes, their child will live, and  has every opportunity to live a long and full life.  But, their child will also be different and I think everyone worries about what different really means.  And, I am confident in saying that no parent ever wants to see their child face additional hurdles in life.

I feel as though I’ve been a complete emotional basket case for the last few days.  I don’t have the answers, no-one does, yet I so desperately want to have the answers.  I want to make everything better.  And yet I know that these worries are just part of being a parent, and I assume this worry is extra difficult for parents who know their child is facing a potential lifelong illness.

But, while I don’t have the answers, I do know that I have been hugging Little MPB even tighter these last few days (which on a lighter note, could explain why I’m sick with a cold…again).  And, I am beyond thankful that we just keep facing daycare germs and nothing more serious.

I am thankful that I get to hug my little boy every single day.

Not a moment goes by where I’m not thankful for all the blessings we have.

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8 Comments on “Thankfulness

  1. Hugs to you!!! I remember when my best friends son, not yet 2, had his first grand mal seizure, that then triggered more seizures…and how horribly terrifying it was. He was airlifted to sick kids and put into a coma while his body recovered. It was the most awful week. There is something really profound about watching someone you love go through something horrible – completely from the sidelines. You just want to wrap them up in your arms and hug them until it all gets better. I’m thinking of you!


  2. Hugs to your family. Glad your nephew will be okay and hope that they get all the support they need for him to live a long and happy life ❤


  3. Prayers to your nephew and all of your family. Glad to hear he will be okay though. May God give him and all of you strength on this new path.


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