Kisses & Gratitude

Little MPB has always happily given full body hugs – he runs straight for us and throws himself into our arms, wiggles for a minute and then moves on the a new activity.  However, it’s never been the same with kisses.  He always thought kisses are from us to him.  So whenever we say kiss, he gives us his cheek, as if to say lay one on me.

This response to kiss requests has been absolutely adorable for months now.  But, we were starting to wonder when he’d actually give us kisses in return.

We recently discovered that daycare has taught him to blow kisses as he now blows kisses to all his teachers when we say goodbye at the end of the day.  It’s a bit awkward – he sort of kisses his hand and then sort of waves.  It may be awkward, but it is also super adorable.

But this weekend, I said kiss mommy and turned my cheek to him.  He leaned in and gave me a giant (and super sloppy) kiss.  And he did it five times in a row!  I may have had an actual tear in my eye, as my heart seriously melted.

Now, we’ve added in a new step to our bed time routine – after I finish singing to him, I say kiss and turn my cheek to him and he gives me a big giant kiss.

And even better, he refuses to give Mr. MPB (or anyone else) a kiss.  Evidently, he only gives kisses to me!  (I know any day he’ll start giving Mr. MPB kisses too, but I am going to soak up every single mommy only kiss).


I have to admit, this first kiss, and every kiss since, makes me once again realize just how fortunate I am. I cannot help but be amazed that I am his mother, that he gives me kisses and hugs every day, that he smiles when I walk into a room and my whole heart melts when he smiles.  I cannot get enough of his giggles.  I love hearing every single one of his new words and seeing his eyes light up when he learns something new for the first time.  Really, I just love watching the world through his eyes.

If there is one good thing that came from enduring years of losses and infertility, it is my deep gratitude and appreciation for all that Little MPB has given me.

I honestly, don’t think I’ll ever take for granted just how fortunate I am to be his mother.

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11 Comments on “Kisses & Gratitude

  1. Not just soak up, also rub it in to Mr MPB. Lasts a very short time…
    I used to do that, when G would only walk towards me and not to daddy.. But now, they are both Daddy’s boys. A even cries daddy when he falls down :(((

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  2. OMG!! I’m just melting over here reading this!!!

    Baby Bach used to give kisses to me and other people, but now only does to his stuffed animals. Like all of them. Teddy Bear, Cat in the Hat, The Lorax… but do you think he gives them to Mama? Nope. LOL

    Little MPB sounds like he is just the sweetest! I bet he is a heart melter at Day Care too!!

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  3. Aww this is the sweetest. H has been the same with the hugs but he’s seeming to forget the “put your arms around the person” aspect of hugging and instead just lays his head on my shoulder and snuggles up. A work in progress. Have you guys always had Little MPB kiss cheeks instead of mouth? I’ve been trying to teach H about cheek kissing but every time he goes in for a kiss he aims straight for our mouths. I have no clue where he learned this from as daycare does the blow a kiss thing too. His dad has no problem with the mouth kisses but I prefer to teach him to kiss adults on the cheek just for health safety in case one day he tries to lay a smooch on someone with questionable mouth sores *insert horrified face here!*

    It’s truly a pretty incredible thing watching these boys turn into little humans!


  4. Loved this post! My 3 yr old son still doesnt kiss, but rather gives his hand when i say “kiss mommy”. Their cuteness, giggles, hugs, the way they wrap themselves around us is something i wish every woman will experience and charish!


  5. Awww. 🙂

    My sons are not big on kissing, either being kissed or giving kisses. (They have both wiped off my kisses on occasion, and one of them tells me “I only like dry kisses.”) But they do like to blow kisses, and it *is* really cute.


  6. Toddler hugs and kisses are the best! Luke has always been super affectionate and I hope he continues to be that way because his hugs and kisses MELT my heart. He’s always starting saying “Mwuahh” when he wants a kiss or is giving one. Love it!


  7. Aww I love this!! C has recently started giving “kisses”. It’s the sloppy press-an-open-mouth-against-you kind, but it’s sweet. She does it to me and to the cat, but that’s it lol. She’s not big on giving hugs though, which kinda makes me sad!

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  8. The firsts are always the best! Sounds like you’re an amazing gift to him as well!


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