Five Things On A Thursday

I’m on the road again with work, so I’m going to make this short and sweet.

  1. Being on the road with work is just not fun – it’s always horribly long days.  I miss Little MPB and Mr. MPB dearly.  And, I simply hate winter driving.  I was supposed to be home this whole week, and somehow I ended up with two last minute requests from clients to meet in person.  And I couldn’t coordinate them to be on the same day, so I have 2 days of travel.
  2. Last weekend Mr. MPB and I went on our 4th date since Little MPB was born.  We were given free amazing seats to an event, so we decided to make a night out of it.  We hired a babysitter and went for a toddler-free dinner too.  I’ll admit, the entire time we were out, I felt like I was missing an arm.  Mr. MPB and I obsessively talked about Little MPB – we both missed him so much!!  By random chance, this weekend, we have date nights 5 & 6 arranged with good friends.  I’m sure we will have fun, but I know I am going to miss Little MPB so much!
  3. There are a few things about our adoption journey that I never shared.  In part because I couldn’t bring myself to relive the events in my mind in order to write about them.  And in part because we were still in the adoption process and I couldn’t risk really upsetting the wrong people, should they have ever found my blog and pieced together who I am.  But, we are officially done everything, so I’ve decided it’s time I share the not so good stuff we were put through.  I would never want to scare someone off from adoption, but I also want to be honest about everything we went through so others may be less naïve then we were.  So, I’ve decided to dig deep and write about what our USA agency actually did to us when we were in the USA, which may help better explain why I doubt we’ll ever adopt again.  Stay tuned.
  4. I’m sick again.  I had a decent run of being healthy for a few months, but the sickness has returned.  I am still absolutely shocked how much I’ve been sick since becoming a parent. How much and how often I’ve been sick is the part of becoming a parent that I completely did not expected and was completely unprepared for.
  5. We took Little MPB on a Pumpkin Hunt.  He HATED it.  When we found the pumpkin, he simply pushed it away while saying no pumpin.  We now have his little pumpkin sitting in the house and whenever he sees it he says no pumpin.  How do we teach him about Halloween so he’s not petrified come October 31st?  Tips would be much appreciated!

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6 Comments on “Five Things On A Thursday

  1. Yay for dates…even while missing Little MPB. I’ve been very curious about what happened in the US to it’ll be interesting to read those posts. I’m sorry you’re sick again. I guess that’s the one good thing about working with kids all my life, lol. As for Halloween, I would suggest books about Halloween. 5 Little Pumpkins, Clifford’s Halloween and there’s so many others out there. Wish you were near by, I’d just lend you some from my library. You could also do the 5 little pumpkins song if you know it.

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    • I second the book recommendations. We also have Corduroy’s Halloween, which has flaps to lift and my kid LOVES flaps. This year she’s totally into pumpkins and skeletons but last year she had no clue what was up with any of this stuff.

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