Rambling Thoughts

While driving home from a meeting yesterday I wrote the most amazing post in my head.  The only problem with that approach to writing is that now I cannot remember it.  Heck, I cannot even remember the topic of said post.

So instead, I’m going to share much less important rambling thoughts then my completely (forgettable) amazing post would have entailed.

  • On the puppy front, does anyone have experience with Old English Sheepdogs?  I’ve always loved them, and maybe that’s the breed I should be researching more, since I’ve always loved them.  They appear to be a wonderful family dog, but their fur requires an insane amount of maintenance.  Which makes me go back to the sheepadoodle, which I completely love.
  • I found a baby girl goldendoodle puppy I want to adopt, she’s ready for pick up in 2 weeks.  Now, I have to convince Mr. MPB, which is going to be nearly impossible.  Clearly, we are going to be having an ongoing puppy battle in this house for the foreseeable future.  Also, it’s pretty obvious I’m have some issues with picking a puppy breed to fill the puppy shaped hole in my heart.
  • Little MPB is adorable (says every parent about their child).  Last night I was scratching my stomach and he looked up at me, stuck his finger in my bellybutton and started repeating button.  When I put my shirt down, he promptly lifted it back up so he could continue.  I guess he knows what a belly button is and I guess he simply calls it a button.  His words seem to have exploded in the last couple of weeks – bellybutton, red, blue, green, car, truck, book, read book, read, yes, no, duck, cow, moo, nose, roar, I do it, up, down, now, etc.  Combine all his new words with all his other words, he’s now well over 30 or maybe even 40 words.  So, I guess everyone was right, he did eventually figure out how to use more words.  But, interestingly, it still takes a lot of encouragement as he seems rather shy to use new words.
  • Why does my husband watch the most horrible TV shows and movies?  It’s like the lower the production and casting budget, the more attracted to the show he is.  Whereas I just want to watch comedies, with my current favourites being Dreamland and Scooby Doo.
  • If you’ve ever tried emailing me (myperfectbreakdown@gmail.com) you’ve probably noticed I am one of the worst people in the world to return emails in a timely manner.  Why is it that I can write a blog nearly every day, but I cannot check my email?  And maybe even more important, why is it that 80% of valid emails end up in my junk folder and I cannot seem to learn to check that specific folder ever?  Arg.  The problems of modern technology!
  • We’ve heard from Little MPB’s birthmother again.  She is fine and well, thankfully.  Clearly, I am just going to have to keep trying to learn how to balance my worries with the realy that so far every time she seems to be doing just fine when she’s not communicating with us.
  • I miss taking photographs.  Someone recently pointed out that I used to post so many more photos then I do now.  That comment struck me that in the crazy of life, I’ve really stopped taking time to enjoy simple moments and play with my camera.  It’s interesting because I’ve been enjoying taking pictures of our meals this month, because I really do enjoy photography.  I want to find time to bring this back into my life.
  • At what age should a child go to Disneyland for the first time?  We are trying to figure out when we should start planning a trip to the happies place on earth (so that we can start saving our pennies).  I think 3.  Mr. MPB thinks much older then that.  But, the one thing we both know is after our Iceland flights we do want him to be at least a bit older before we try to take him on that long of a flight!

And on that note, I’m going to stop rambling.  If you’ve made it this far, good for you.  You deserve a gold star.

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25 Comments on “Rambling Thoughts

  1. We took Eden to Disneyland at 6 months. We’re going to Disneyworld in Florida in December and she will turn 2 there.It depends what you want from the trip. We’re taking her knowing that she won’t be able to go on a lot of rides and she likely won’t remember it, but she will have lots of fun with the characters and be fully involved in the “magic” side of things. It’s not going to be once in a lifetime for us. I think it it was, we would be waiting until she was maybe five or six to go.

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    • I think like you, it wont be a once in a life time trip. Mr. MPB went multiple times growing up, I only went once and I really don’t remember it. So, I really want to go a few times so that he can experience the magic at different ages.

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  2. Don’t go to Disneyland that soon! I have several friends who have been, and they all say that the perfect age is 6 or 7. It is still magical then, and the child is old enough to appreciate and enjoy it. Any younger than that and you are looking at meltdowns from being too tired and overstimulated. Plus, your child won’t remember the experience at all.

    Unrelated, I adore Scooby doo, and could watch it endlessly! (My husband likes to watch shows that are too violent for my tastes, so I always end up reading when he put the TV on).

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  3. We waited until Rebecca was 7 and that was the perfect age. She didn’t need a stroller, didn’t need a nap, could hang all day and all night with us, didn’t need a diaper bag of shit to haul around and she had hit the height for the big rides. Score! Even better, at 7, she still believed it all. It was still magical for her and she remembers the trip to this day.

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  4. Just found your blog and new to all this, also an adoptive parent who has only heard twice from birth parents,
    Disney do not go till at least 4 or 5 years old been twice in Paris and once in Hong Kong, if she is under 107cm she wont get on much to be honest.
    look forward to reading more x

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    • Good point about the height restrictions! I hadn’t even thought about that, I just assumed they’d have a section that’s more toddler focused where the rides would be designed for smaller people.
      If you don’t mind me asking, how do you handle not hearing?


  5. If you want your child to remember the trip to Disneyland, I would wait until 6 or 7. I have several friends who have children under 4 who have already been to Disneyland multiple times, but we are waiting so our sons will remember the visit.

    My sister and I went when she was 5 and I was 7. She has no independent memory of it.

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    • I kind of figured we’d go once while he is little and then again when he’s old enough to remember it. I have very vague, possibly made-up memories of my trip to Disneyland so I definitely want Little MPB to experience Disneyland at an age when he’ll remember it.

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  6. Are you only going to Disneyland, or will you go to Disney World as well at some point? I’m just curious. B watches some horrible shows as well. I know he feels the same about some of the things I watch…but mine are mostly home/remodeling or food shows! I’ve also noticed that I don’t take pictures hardly at all anymore. I used to take pics of everything, but I almost never use my camera now. I snap pics on my phone all the time, because it’s handy. My hands are usually so full with C though that I don’t have the time to get the camera. I just have a simple point and shoot, but still…I should be better about capturing memories I guess, but I feel like I’d rather be focused on her!

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    • Disneyland is closer to our home so I just assumed we’d go to Disneyland. But who knows, one day maybe we could so Disneyworld too?
      We don’t have cable, otherwise I’d always be watching food and home reno shows! I think Mr. MPB got rid of cable just to cut off my addiction! Hahaha!
      I still use my camera but I mainly just take photos is Little MPB. Which of course I don’t share on my blog. I find my camera takes way better photos then my phone so I try to use it whenever possible.


  7. I think when to go to Disneyland is a personal choice for sure. Every child is different in their ability to adapt to that level of excitement and being surrounded by crowds of people. We took my niece when she was 3, and she was terrified of the characters in costume, so the first day was very traumatic for her. She clung to my brother for the entire day and was not happy. After the first day, she started to warm up to them and settled a bit more. I think that is one factor to consider. Also if they still require a nap during the day in order to function, it could be another consideration. Personally, we waited until our daughters were around 6 to go for the first time, because they were past the age of being terrified of the characters that are everywhere, and they were able to spend the full day in the park without being too cranky from the lack of a nap. They also tend not to have many memories of special activities that occur in those early years, so if you want them to remember the trip, you may want to wait until a bit older as well. But if you plan for several trips over the years, that may not be a factor.


  8. We did our first family Disney trip (WDW) when my daughter was about 2.75… she had a blast and had asked every day since to go back, so she definitely remembers it. We will be going back two weeks before she turns 5, and our younger daughter will be 20 months.

    Also-if you do it before they’re 3, they are free. They don’t need Park tickets, don’t count towards your room reservation and can eat for free at all the character buffets, so that’s something to consider.

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  9. We went to Disney World with no kids and paid attention to the little ones who were there. We determined and definitely not go until we had kids who were at least 7yrs old. The younger ones were very cranky and didn’t seem to enjoy anything. I went to Disney when I was 5 and have no memories except of waiting in line. Ha ha.

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  10. Take your kiddo when he’ll actually remember it, plus when he’s older he’ll be able to go on more rides (considering it’s around $100/pp to get in…). Having gone at age 5 I barely remember it beyond hating the fact that my dad didn’t like rides so I had to go alone or with a strange kid.

    Sheepdogs= high maintenance. Go to a shelter and adopt one! We have a mastiff mix who adores little ones and is so gentle – we got an older pup and never regretted it – she does not eat our shoes, is house trained, and she’s a total Love bug 🙂

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  11. I love rambling thoughts. 🙂

    I don’t know anything about those breeds that you mentioned, other than what you can probably find on the internet. It’s a little too hot down here for a lot of sheepdog breeds to be here (although I’ve seen huskies here from time to time…poor things).

    I’m glad Little MPB is doing so well with his vocabulary! I know that it is nerve-wracking for moms with all of those progress charts looming over their heads.

    My husband likes a lot of scary and/or violent shows, at least they are scary and violent to me! We tend to watch different things, but when we do find a show we both like, we try to save watching that together (which I sometimes forget to do…oops).

    I think you have warned before on your blog about your delay with emails. I have emailed you once and totally expected a delay. I know you will get to it eventually. Love is not lost!

    I’m glad the birthmother is doing well. I know that was a worry.

    I am horrible at lighting with it comes to photographs. Most of what I do is in low light, and I have yet to find a phone camera or even a point and shoot that does a decent job. We have a DSLR but I don’t want to lug that anywhere. Thoughts?

    And my cousins just took their two oldest (twins) to Disney World (it’s closer than Disneyland from where they are) and they just turned 4. I don’t see their youngest boy with them so I think he might have stayed with grandparents. I’ve seen people bringing a newborn around some of the attractions, but they didn’t look like they were having any fun. 4 has always been the magic number for me because that’s right before they go to school so you can take them when it’s less crowded.


  12. Ahhhhh the brain post. I write so many of those and they are rippers! Haha

    I’m so pleased the words have seems to have exploded for Little MPB. Yay! One less thing to worry about.

    We live really close to a bunch of theme parks (none as fabulous as Disneyland but still, same idea) and while S enjoyed them at 3 they are way more fun now he is a bit older. He can go in more rides and he has a chance to remember the experience so my vote would be around 5 for maximum impact but 3 would still be fun. S also flew internationally really well at 3.5 years of that helps. I’m talking over 24 hours travel. Younger than that has always been pretty tricky for us.

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  13. i wrote posts in my head for months and then when it came time to write i just forgot everything or was too tired haha. blogging is so far off my radar now i think i’m done for good. still like keeping up with everyone else though 🙂


  14. I don’t know anything about Disneyland, but I can comment on the dog part! If you’re worried about dog fur maintenance on a sheepdog, it’s about the same with a “doodle” breed dog. Because doodle dogs have hair rather than fur, it grows fast and requires a lot of maintenance. Think of if you went a few days without brushing your own hair and how difficult it would be to deal with after. It’s the same for a dog with hair vs. fur. You need to brush the dog almost daily in order to keep it getting too tangled. We have a Portuguese Water Dog and she has hair and it’s quite a bit of upkeep to try to keep her a bit fluffier without mats forming in the depths of the hair. Plus the cost of proper grooming/trims for the doodle dogs can add up too. One perk to hair vs. fur is that you won’t find their hair all over your house/clothes. With a Sheepdog I think they shed quite a bit. So it depends on if you are wanting to dive right back into tumbleweeds of fur again! I’m a big advocate of rescuing dogs from shelters first and foremost, but I know that route isn’t for everyone. I know, for us, we rescued a beautiful dog, loved the crap out of him and had to put him down only 6 months into owning him because he was full of cancer everywhere. So we said that our next dog we would spend some money on to ensure we know the complete health history of its parents and breeder. Our next dog will be a rescue though.


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