Random Updates

Once again I’ve fallen behind in life, but have lots of things on my mind. So, today is just a brain dump.

  • We will not be getting a puppy from the current litter I mentioned last week.  And, I’m mostly okay with this.  The litter of puppies was born over the weekend, but all 9 puppies were males.  And, Mr. MPB is adamant about getting a female dog, and always has been. He prefers the personality of female dogs, and the fact that large breed females are usually slightly smaller.  Dog gender has always been non-negotiable for him, probably more so then the breed of the dog.  Honestly, had there been a female I think we would have gotten one, I think I would have won.  But, this litter just wasn’t meant to be for us considering that their was only about a 0.19% change of all 9 puppies born be males.  (Will I ever not be in the less then 1% category?).  Anyways, with Mr. MPB’s blessing, I’ve added us to the top spot on the wait list for the litter in the spring and in the meantime I am going to try really hard not to find a different breeder to get one sooner.  And as much as I hate to admit it, not having to train and walk a puppy in the middle of a Canadian winter will very likely be a good thing.
  • Teething is horrible.  Getting molars while traveling and attempting to sleep on a pull-out bed is extra horrible.  I could sleep for a week if given the opportunity.  (More on our quick weekend away tomorrow).
  • Little MPB has mastered saying No and I Do It.  Our lives are forever changed!  Gosh, I love watching that little boy grow up and experience life so much!
  • I got a call from a GI clinic.  I am scheduled for 2 scopes at the end of September!  I believe at this point in time they will confirm that I had an ulcer and that I no longer have one.  I’m glad I’ll get to talk to a GI doctor.  The preparation for the procedures is going to be absolutely miserable, but I think even though I’m now eating more its a good idea to have the procedures done.  But, I’m unbelievably frustrated that the crisis has essentially passed and these procedures will be basically pointless from a diagnostic perspective.  And while I get this appointment, someone else in crisis will be left waiting.  It makes no sense to me.  Needless to say the system is broken.
  • We found a great way to celebrate Little MPB’s Canadian Citizenship since we happened to be away for the weekend.  (More on that tomorrow).
  • I’m done with my current birth control.  Which means we are going to be looking into a permanent option.  This topic also deserves a full post (or two), because wow are their emotions around the fact that I’m ready to make this permanent.

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10 Comments on “Random Updates

  1. Lots going on for you! Ah it does sound like a big thing about birth control; I can imagine you have all the feels. Hope little one is okay with the teething – that does not sound fun! And hurrah for future puppy! X

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  2. My jaw dropped when you said the entire litter was male..that’s incredible! I’m excited to see what you will do for the Canadian Citizenship Celebration (and I love alliteration, by the way). Looking forward to your follow up posts!

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  3. So much here!! I can’t believe they were all male! That’s insane. Did little learn those 2 phrases together? 😀 I’m so glad you get to go to the specialist soon, though it does suck that the issue won’t be going on at the time. Kinda hard to figure out what it was from, if it’s not happening. Not that I want you to be in that pain again at all!! But you know what I mean. I hope you have/had fun celebrating the citizenship!! I understand your teething pain. C has something coming in, I think I can make out something in her top gums, but she doesn’t let me look very much. I just ordered her an Amber necklace, we’ll see how that works. I’m curious about the whole birth control situation, as I’m sure that’s a tough one. Looking forward to your updates on this update!!

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  4. I’m sorry about the puppies. It truly is shocking that they were all males! Lo is teething too, and I have been using essential oils to help with the pain….specifically Copaiba. I can get you more info on it if you’d like. It’s crazy that you are contemplating permanent birth control. I’m having a salpingectomy in 2 weeks, so I’m right there with you. Even when you know it’s best, the feelings are so intense.

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  5. Aw wow the chances all of those pups were boys! Incredible!! I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but I think your logic of not training a puppy through winter is a good one! Ummm especially a Canadian winter ☺️
    Good job little MPB with no and I do it!! He’s not just naming things he’s conversing!! 👏👏 my friend’s little one just learned ‘no’ too…now apparently the most annoying word in the world 🤗

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    • We hear no about 500 times a day! I’ve started countering it with Yes. But for some reason he just keeps repeating no. I find it mostly adorable. 😊
      I know logically the Canadian winter dog training wouldn’t have been fun. So I’ll just hold onto that as the silver lining in this situation.


  6. That’s crazy that the litter was all boys! I love Little MPB new phrases! Luke constantly says “BOP!” Which means “STOP” and now he’s got this grunt/groan thing he does when annoyed. Happy you guys got to celebrate Canadian Citizenship!! So exciting!

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