An Embarrassing Mommy Kind of Day

So, one thing I’ve discovered about being a new mom is that I never feel well rested.  Basically, if Baby MPB does not sleep well, then no-one in the house sleeps well.  And if Baby MPB sleeps well, then no adult in the house sleeps well because we cannot help but wake up to worry about Baby MPB.  Or maybe our bodies don’t seem to know how to stay asleep for a decent length of time anymore?  I don’t know the reason, but I do know one thing forsure, becoming a mom has completely ruined my ability to sleep well.

I firmly believe that if one does not sleep well for months on end, then one must make every single decision with a half-sleeping mind.  Clearly this is bound to create problems.  Small problems like forgetting grocery lists and buying the completely wrong thing at the store.  But, big problems also seem to happen more frequently in my life – like the day I forgot my wallet and had no ability to pay for my Starbucks or put gas in my car.  Or maybe like my most recent mistake that was more embarrassing then anything……

So, I have a client who happens to be a pilot.  I don’t work for this individual often, but when I do, I usually get a flight in a private plane to where-ever the meeting is located. Honestly, it’s kind of fun. But, given the nature of private flights, I try to make sure I look extra presentable – I shower and I avoid getting dressed in my work clothing until moments before I leave the house to avoid Baby MPB drool and/or spit-up.  You know, I step it up just a bit.

On this particular day I was leaving the house before Baby MPB was even up, so I did the basic morning routine extra quietly and in the dark – first up, I questioned why I’m waking up before the infant and hit snooze on my phone.  Eventually I drag my tired butt out of bed, showered, put on my clothing and did my hair.  I put on my most professional and smartest new outfit – a pair of beige pants, brown boots, a cute knit shirt with a blazer like thing.  I even managed to put on a necklace and matching earnings.

Honestly, I felt great about myself as I walked out of the door with the sun-rising in the distance.

Until I noticed a tiny little error half way through the day….at about lunch time, after about 6 hours into the day, which by this time had included our flight together and me running a meeting with about 10 men in the room…..

I put my cute knit shirt on inside out…

So, what does a girl do?  Absolutely nothing.

Normally, I’m the type of person who would just call out my mistake and make a joke out of it.  But, this wasn’t that type of a crowd or that type of meeting.

So while discussing long term strategies and fielding questions, I made the executive decision to hope no-one noticed (or maybe as a group of men, they just felt too awkward to say anything).  I determined through quick glasses at my feet that I didn’t think any tags were visible on the front and the side seams and side tag were sort of hidden by my jacket.  So, I decided that if I excused myself to the washroom to flip my shirt around the pattern would look different and then people might really notice.  So, I literally just wore my shirt inside out for the remainder of the day, hugging my jacket to my sides hoping no-one noticed the seams.

Seriously guys, this felt like one of my most embarrassing professional moments to-date.  Ops!

When I got home late that night and finally took off my inside out shirt, as Mr. MPB was assuring me it wasn’t too obvious, I had no option but to laugh at myself.

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19 Comments on “An Embarrassing Mommy Kind of Day

  1. Ha!! If you had been with women all day, I would think that possibly someone MAY have noticed. But since you were with men all day, I would say you’re probably completely safe. Try not to feel too down on yourself for it!

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  2. Well isn’t that something!!! Lol you poor thing! But I think you played along with it really well. Maybe you started the next trend 🙂 I meant to put baby socks in the washer today and I found them in the trash. I’m losing it due to sleep deprivation too!

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  3. I get baby brain all the time. I have walked out of the house without a purse. I almost drank breastmilk versus water one late night. This happens at least once a day. Sometimes I catch it, often I do not.

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