Sleep Obsessed 

I feel like I’m obsessed with sleep.  In fact, since a few days before Baby MPB was born I’ve been obsessed with all things sleep:

  • Helping encourage Baby MPB to sleep in longer stretches.
  • Thoughts of sleep training, which so far we’ve avoided as Baby MPB will fall asleep right away when he’s tired.
  • Worry about if baby MPB die from SIDS in his sleep.
  • Trying to get Mr. MPB to go to bed a bit earlier and get a bit more sleep (he’s a night owl).
  • Watching how much sleep Mr. MPB gets vs. how much I get (yes, I have been known to keep count – it’s not good for our marriage, but I do it and I’m pretty sure he does too).
  • Trying to figure out what my minimum sleep threshold is to be able to function and care for a child.
  • Trying to figure out what my minimum sleep threshold is to be able to work coherently.
  • Grumping about being exhausted.

And maybe now I should add dress properly to this list.

My sleep obsession seems to get the best of me when I have less sleep.  And right now the amazing sleeping Baby MPB is not sleeping through the night very well – this newest tooth is clearly hurting him and he seems to have bad gas at night (as an aside, if you have suggestions on ways to help with baby gas please let me know).

But, then last night happened…

Baby MPB was sleeping peacefully.  Mr. MPB was watching a TV show that I had no interest in.  So, when I finished cleaning up the kitchen from the day and went to join Mr. MPB on the couch and noticed the show he was watching, instead I looked at him and said I’m exhausted, I’m going to bed.  Remember it’s your night to be up with Baby MPB.  And with that, I went to bed, at 9:30pm.  And I slept until 6:30am.

I feel like a new women today!!

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14 Comments on “Sleep Obsessed 

  1. Hooray for sleep! I kind of obsess about sleep as well. I also worry about B’s sleep habits once the baby is born…he likes to stay up VERY late (like 2am-ish) and sleep late in the morning (there are weekend days where he will still be in bed until/past 11am) and that just isn’t going to work once the baby is born I don’t think. I keep trying to tell him to get in the habit to go to bed earlier, but he doesn’t listen. I love the nights where I sleep through, or only get up once, and actually feel rested the next day! I’m glad you finally got a good night of sleep in you!!

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    • I would totally use your husband’s sleep patterns to your advantage. Even if you breastfeed, tell him from 8pm – 2am that he’s caring for the baby and only bringing him to you if baby needs fed and use that time to rest/sleep. Being on the same sleeping schedule as my husband made it tough some nights in the beginning because we were both tired by 9-10pm but someone had to care for the baby.


  2. Gerber Soothe Probiotic Drops have helped my lo with gas related fussiness. I also noticed that burping her a couple times a day when she hasn’t just eaten also helps to keep it from building up before bedtime. Yesterday I started experimenting with giving her gas drops once or twice a day when she isn’t showing signs of discomfort (usually I only give them when she is fussing) and following it a few minutes later with an extended burping session.

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  3. I have noticed that the rough patches of sleep are usually followed by longer and better patches of sleep by my little one. At 10 months we finally kind of sleep trained ( let him cry it out between 10pm and 6am if he woke up) after a few days ( super hard on me but I knew we needed to do it) he was sleeping 7pm- 6am most nights. Just keep in mind that soon enough he will be old enough to consistently sleep through the night. At a certain point babies are waking up because they know you come visit not because they need you. Hope that day is soon enough for you! Life is truly different when you can finally sleep 7 or 8 hours every night. Hang in there!

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    • I agree. That was our problem with teething. We’d go in, comfort him and then once the tooth was cut, he was used to the visits and wanted them to continue. It’s so hard to decipher if it’s teething or just them wanting you. With our first, we had an excuse for every wakeup (teething, sniffles, etc) but with our second, we had it figured out. We were suckers the first time, and then created a dependency. Once we did CIO at 10 months with Matthew, he never woke up…. Even when cutting multiple teeth at once. We’d dose him with Advil at bedtime when he was teething and that gave us peace of mind knowing we’d already done what we could. The only thing that would wake him was a true sickness.

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  4. 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep…. I haven’t had that in 3.5 years, and I’m not being dramatic! I’m so jealous! Bryson still comes in every night, at least once. We’ve done everything and he just isn’t a sound sleeper. He’s like me. The rare night he does sleep, Matthew will get a bloody nose in the night. It’s a shit show.

    I was obsessed with sleep when Matthew was born…. Spreadsheets galore. Then he was fully sleep trained and it was bliss… Until I was pregnant again. I tried keeping spreadsheets on Bryson but it was too complicated.

    I hope your day is lovely! It’s amazing how instantly Good you can feel with some solid sleep!

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  5. Good for you for getting that necessary long night of sleep! Don’t you just feel like a newer, shinier version of yourself today? 🙂

    After months of 3x/night wakeups (which also meant I was awake three times a night thanks to my baby’s bottle refusal), things have suddenly gotten better for us, and it’s amazing. The last three nights there’s been only one wakeup (3:30-4am), including last night when S slept 12 hours with only one awakening. Heaven! I haven’t gone to bed later than 9:30 since he was born, but I’m finally feeling like I might be able to stay up a little later once in a while to do grown-up things — imagine that!

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  6. Bravo! I’m so happy for you for getting a full night of sleep. I totally understand your obsession. I have been there myself, obsessing over all those same things, and you’re right that it gets worse the more exhausted you get. I felt like I fully understood why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. It’s brutal.

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  7. Yay for a great night of sleep! I dream of my first time sleeping through the night with my new babe.
    I was told my friends and family to use gripe water for gassiness. I have it on hand but haven’t had to try it yet. It’s cheap and readily available.

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  8. I too am obsessed with sleep. I find it extremely anxiety provoking to not know when he’s gonna wake up or how long he will sleep for. It’s crazy how stressful it can be. What do you guys do when baby MPB goes through a regression even due to teething? Do you go in and comfort? Feed? Luke’s going through one and I struggle to know when to go in and when to let him cry. And I’m so happy you got such a good nights sleep! It’s amazing what it can do for the body and mind.

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  9. I’m a sleep counter. I know every minute M sleeps more than me. I’m a 40 yr old sleep counter after six weeks. God know what I’ll be in a year. 🙂

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  10. That sounds amazing. I would literally kill something for a full nights sleep:) we use gripe water for a gassy baby. It has dill oil and a few other things in it. I know there’s also something called Mama’s Bliss on Amazon that a few friends use. A dose of that when she’s wiggling around and it makes her have a big burp and toot. Also sometimes at time she’ll raise her legs a lot, which usually means gas, so I’ll do bicycle legs while she’s still asleep or gently push her knees up into chest repeatedly. This typically helps her release it without waking her up.


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