I despise clothing shopping.  At the best of times, I wear solid colours and plain clothing.

I have a few brands that I love, and rarely venture out of my comfort zone.  And, working from home has actually hurt the little fashion sense I had – I now live in comfy clothing and rarely have any reason to dress up. (Just ask the friend who I meet for lunch with every few weeks, she always looks amazing whereas I show up in yoga pants/shorts and a hoodie and sometimes a hat).

BUT, now I need essentially an entirely new shirt/top wardrobe so I’ve have no choice but to go shopping.


So, once I could lift my arms above my head, I started tackling this problem.

First, I have now tried on all my clothing and cleared out my closet of all things that no longer fit.  I got rid of about 90% of my shirts/dresses.  I own very few dresses, so I actually kept a few select ones that I am going to have altered to fit me now.  And surprisingly a few items that had some elasticity to them still fit perfectly – no need for new workout shirts.  But, I will admit that this task illustrated that I need to clean out my closet more often, and that I owned a lot more clothing then 1 person really needs.

Second, I’ve actually been out shopping a few times in the last few weeks:

  • I’ve been to multiple Winners locations trying to find good deals.  I found a few shirts and even a few things for Mr. MPB too.
  • I’ve even walked around 2 malls, which were epic failures as I just don’t like malls.
  • Mr. MPB dragged me to MEC (like REI in the USA) to find a few more items since they generally have a decent women’s clothing section.  thankfully Baby MPB and Mr. MPB managed to help me pick out a few things.

So far, I have managed to find a few items that that I can wear now with a sports bra, and in the future too.  I also bought a few basic t-shirts in a few colours for days around home.  And, I even found a few shirts and a few cute summer dresses that I am excited to wear this summer.   And, I even ventured out a little bit and bought a few items with patterns, bright colours and slightly lower cut (yet not slutty) items then I’m used to.

I definitely still have to do more shopping, but I have enough to get by right now.

Next up is bra shopping.  For now, I plan to only buy 1 really good sports bra for running in the next few months, and 2-3 every day bras.  Then, I’ll go again in a few more months time in case things change as I continue to heal.  Hopefully I can pick up a few next week, but the timing will depend on how I’m healing because I wont be trying on bras until the last of my incisions are completely closed.

And then, I’m going to try a free personal shopper at a larger department store (thanks to everyone who suggested this last week).  I’m pretty sure I’m going to drag a fashion competent friend along with me to provide her two cents and help make it a positive experience.

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26 Comments on “Shopping

  1. I’m so hopeful I’ll be able to have a reduction in the coming years. And that maybe they’ll lift them up while they’re in there too….totally jealous of your new wardrobe!

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      • Sometimes it will. I’d like to wait until we find out if we’re going to have more children because I’ve heard it can affect breastfeeding, but once that chapter is closed I’m definitely looking into it.

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      • There is a 50% chance that after a breast reduction you won’t be able to breastfeed, so I highly recommend waiting until you know your done – that’s exactly how I did it too. 😊


    • Thanks! It’s definitely interesting trying on and buying new things. I just wish I didn’t have to shop for them and they magically arrived at my door. 😊


  2. You got some cute dresses!!! I typically hate dresses for myself, but when I put one on last weekend it was much more comfortable, so I may get a couple lol. Good luck continuing your shopping!! I feel your pain on that one, as I hate clothes shopping as well. This is so exciting for you though! I’m still jealous lol!

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  3. Go You! I’ve been known to dress a few friends, but it’s way too much for me right now. I just don’t have the time or inclination…I’d rather chase after Baby J. I’m trying “Stitchfix” for the first time. Someone else does the shopping based on my likes and sends the package to my house. I try things on and look through them…send back what I don’t want (free shipping) and pay for what I want to keep. Hopefully a WIN, WIN. I’ll have to blog about it and post pics! You’re doing great!

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  4. Greetings from a fellow “fashion-challenged” person. By all means, enlist help! Currently, I ask my 14 year-old daughter for her opinion before leaving the house. She has the benefit of being brutally honest. It helps.

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  5. Yay! I love that last dress. Shopping can really annoy me too but I do enjoy it when I come back with some great stuff so hope that works for you and you feel good about your new look!

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  6. What a fun post! Love the new clothes 🙂 Also really hope you enjoy the personal shopper experience! I always wanted to try that and said I would “when I lost weight” (I’m now 60lbs over that starting weight, so it may be a while!). I bet when you’re feeling good about yourself (which you hopefully will once the pain and bruises have gone!) it will be such a fun, emotional experience. Enjoy!x

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