Who Knew?

I’m now 3 weeks post breast reduction surgery.  I am interacting with baby MPB like nothing has changed, with one exception – to the best of my ability, I avoid his entire body wiggles in the vicinity of my chest, particularly his leg kicks.  Those just don’t feel great.

I am still bruised – mostly light green and yellow bruising now, which is a substantial improvement from the original brown, red and bluish bruising.  I’ll admit, I’m really excited for the bruising to go away, it’s just not pretty.

I still have a one small area that are not healing as well as everywhere else.  But, I know there is nothing to be concerned about and they will just be a few weeks slower to heal.  For now, lots of polysporin until it is completely closed because evidently keeping it moist will drastically reduce potential scaring.  But, this means I am still living in my post surgery sports-bra with panty-liners lining the incision.

The incision lines are still there, and I’m told will actually start to look worse before they will look better.  6 weeks post-surgery is supposed to be the worst they will ever look.  Then they will continue to improve over the next few years.

In addition, now that the stitches are dissolving and moving around a bit, I also have to cut any stitches that rise to the surface through my skin.  And depending on where they are I have to get Mr. MPB’s help.  I’ve decided this is probably not the sexiest thing he’s ever done with my boobs!

The oddest side effect, which I was not expecting, is the result of the nerves around my nipples re-attaching.  I went from the odd shooting pain to now feeling like my nipples are burning.  In fact, at times they feel like they are literally on fire.  Sometimes the feeling is fleeting and lasts for just moments.  Other-times, it seems to last for hours on end!  I’m told this is also normal and a good sign for my recovery. I’m also told it may continue for a few more months.  But, it’s maybe one of the weirdest sensations I’ve ever felt.  Super weird.


While I never loved my old giant boobs, I was never overly negatively self-conscious about them either.  It’s just how I was built and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.  But since they were always very prominently there, I dressed to hide and minimize.  No low collar shirts, very expensive bras, no button up shirts, slouching, etc.

Yet now, even while still recovering, I look in the mirror and I feel better about myself then I ever have. Heck, I now feel better about myself then I ever thought possible.

While Mr. MPB is still afraid to touch me, he does like to tease me because all I do now is talk about my boobs and how much I love them – I talk about them morning, noon and night. I talk about how perky they are, how proportional they are, how cute they are, etc.  (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not – my breast reduction included a lift and the lift is a very nice touch). So, through a combination of adoption, not breastfeed and surgery, I am now convinced that I probably have some of the perkiest, nicely shaped boobs for a mother of an infant.

Honestly, I feel sexy in an entirely new way.  I love how I look today more then I ever have before.  And I am excited to see how great I will look as the bruising continues to heal and ultimately go away.

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21 Comments on “Who Knew?

  1. I’m so happy that you’re so excited about the new you!!! You could try using Arnica gel to help with the bruising. A friend gave it to me when I started getting horrible bruises from my Lovenox injections, and it really does work wonders. I would assume if it’s safe for me to use while pregnant, it should be safe for you to use post surgery as well. Don’t get it near the unhealed area though, as it is for topical use only. They sell it in any pharmacy, or store with a pharmacy in it. Hope that helps!


      • Not sure. You could ask your Dr about it first to see what they say. I’m not really sure how it works to be honest, I just know it’s fairly miraculous lol. It helps dissipate the blood away from bruising, and somehow it helps with muscle pain as well. I used it the night that my muscles seized up from painting.


      • You can get it in capsule form (well you can in the UK) which you could take and get the ebnefit without worrying about it interacting with your wound

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  2. Oh I totally had that nerve burning feeling after my csection! It felt like a sunburn on my skin. It eventually did go away though, probably about 4 months later. I’m so glad this are healing well and that you and your boobs are on the up, up up!

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  3. “Morning, noon, and night.”. Ha ha ha!! I totally get it, I talk about my fat pocket reduction A LOT. It’s just so exciting to look the way you never thought you could look! I’m so thrilled for you!!!

    How many pounds do you think they removed? Just curious!

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    • I love that you get this! And that I’m not the only one talking about my own body constantly! 😊
      They removed about 1kg or 2.5 lbs per breast! According to my surgeon, that a lot especially because they almost always do liposuction to remove back/side fat, and i did not have done because I just didn’t have any. Which means all my weight came off the actual breasts. It’s a pretty big change to drop 5lbs in 1 day!

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  4. I am so happy to hear this!! I knew you would love it. I hope one day I can get the full surgery. Since I stopped pumping, I’m somewhere between “well I’m glad they aren’t saggy” and “but they stayed so huge.” Get all the super cute bras!!!


  5. I have thought about this for years! Your excitement about your results really adds to my own eagerness. I’m not sure if we are done with babies but once we are I am soooo looking forward to this!

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  6. Had a BR last year. It’s amazing how much it can help your self esteem. Congrats on your new body! I bet you can’t wait to go bra shopping at the “cute” bra stores.

    Also…The weird nipple sensation will eventually go away. To speed up healing drink tons of vitamin c. I discovered it by accident when I had my surgery. I started to get sick, so I was downing Emergen-c. I had minimal bruising. I looked into it, and vitamin c is an important component of soft tissue development in addition to boosting your immunity. So there you go.

    Also, you’re probably out of this part… But for the first few weeks post op, I had the worst abdominal bloating. I seriously looked 4 months preggo. Ginger root tea got rid of it fast.

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  7. Good for you mama! You should feel wonderful about yourself!! My perky boob days are long gone so I’ll live vicariously through you!

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  8. Ooh, not looking forward that burning sensation although that’s how I feel with my incisions sometimes. I’m so happy you’re loving them!!! J takes care of my drains for me so he’s getting quite a sight twice a day, lol. Did it hurt when they took your drains out?

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  9. As I sit here with bad posture and a rib that needs adjusting, I’m so happy for you! I’m so glad it all went well and you are pleased with the outcome. One day…. I might just follow you.

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    • If you are even contemplating it, I absolutely recommend it….once you are done with having children (as much as I hate to say that given the uncertainty and emotions around having more children).
      Also, I still have bad posture and am working very hard to learn to sit up straight after years of slouching. 🙂


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