Thankful This Week is Over

I’m beyond thankful that we survived the last 10 days.  In addition to Baby MPB being sick and teething, trips to the emergency and the doctor, and the whole house lacking sleep we also dealt with the following:

  • Extended family were visiting.  So, we were hosting additional people in our house while attempting to work and parent our own son.  We had a great visit, but felt a bit like a tornado flew through our house and we were just hoping the walls remained standing through the storm.  (I like structure and organization, they are more free-spirited individuals.  This isn’t a bad thing, just different and a bit of a challenge since we were working from home while they were visiting).
  • Adoption paperwork and process.  More on that another day, for now I will simply say please let this be done soon!
  • No nanny – she was on vacation.  So we were balancing work and parenting without any paid help.
  • Nanny interviews and reference checks.  We know we are losing our nanny in a few weeks, so we are trying to be pro-active.  Fitting in nanny interviews is always a challenge, but right now has been particularly bad.  But, we think we’ve found a good one.  So, hopefully this works out.
  • I managed to wake up for the 5am baby swim class registration.  Baby MPB and I are officially registered in weekly swim classes starting in September.  I’m so excited for this!
  • I fired our house cleaners and hired a new one.  I actually decided to fire our current cleaners a few months ago, they just haven’t been doing a great job – they seemed to be getting complacent/lazy.  But their lazy job was better then nothing, so I’ve kept them until I could find someone new.  I finally found someone new, so I fired the old one immediately.
  • Our dog ate something she shouldn’t have, which meant we were up multiple nights in a row with a sick dog.  Eventually she threw up something plastic and is now back to her normal self.
  • Baby MPB has been on an eating strike.  I think his tooth hurts and he hasn’t felt well.  On the advice of the doctors we stopped trying solids all together and just worked to get formula into him to keep him hydrated.  But this has meant every single meal has been torture for all involved.
  • I was out of town with work for a night and actually brought Baby MPB with me.  I, alone, drove 8+ hours over 2 days with a sick Baby MPB.  Mr. MPB stayed at home to work.  Baby MPB and I stayed with my parents who looked after him while I was at meetings.  This also happened to be his absolute worst night for sickness/teething.  But I will admit that it was actually really nice to have them around as he developed the rash.
  • Mr. MPB and I had a giant argument.  Realistically it was all the result of stress and lack of sleep.  But, tell that to two people entrenched in an argument with each other- there was no way either one of us were going to be rational about it or follow any sort of disagreement rules.  Cooler heads did eventually prevail, sort of.
  • I received an emergency call from a client.  Baby MPB ended up spending most of the day with a friend who amazingly stepped up to help so I could be some soet of half assed super women and Mr. MPB didn’t have to cancel his work commitments.  

I don’t think I’ve ever been so strung out in my life.

Right now, I’m just holding onto hope that Baby MPB continues to recover from Roseola and that darn tooth fully breaks through.  And then, hopefully, this weekend will be calm so I can take a deep breath and collect my thoughts.

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12 Comments on “Thankful This Week is Over

  1. Sorry you’ve had such a rough week! Hopefully baby will be feeling much better and back to his normal self soon, so that you guys can get back to your normal selves as well! Crossing my fingers that the new nanny and cleaners work out for you guys!! Hope next week is much more uneventful for you.

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  2. Wow how awful! Not surprised you’re feeling strung out! Poor baby and poor dog and poor you! I hope everyone is back to full health. Swimming sounds fun, but 5am not so much!


  3. Blimey what a week! I am hoping for some calm here on wards for you and your family. Wishing a speedy recovery for your little man, glad you got a diagnoses too.


  4. How on earth do you manage!!!
    Good job lady on handling all the work and stress and ill children( human and dog). You are one super mama! I doff
    My hat to you.


  5. What a week you’ve had! I am so glad people stepped up to help you, and that you were able to juggle everything somehow. I am hoping that you get some calmer weeks soon to recover from all of this, and that sweet BMPB is feeling better soon.

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