Living in Chaos and Ostriching

I’ve had a lot on my mind this weekend.  Typically I write out what’s going on, in part to help me sort through all the thoughts.

Instead, this time I just didn’t.  Instead this time I’m letting things stew in my mind. (Hence why this post is late today).

Which is very much not like me, and also not an ideal approach for my mental health/sanity. As, I have come to learn that when I withdrawal it means things just aren’t right in my life.  And hiding from it all won’t help.

I will say, everything running through my mind is sort of just like the state of our lives at the moment – absolutely chaotic.  Instead of taking the weekend to relax and rejuvenate after such a busy and stressful last few weeks, we seemed to do the exact opposite:

  • Had friends over for dinner on Friday to celebrate a friend’s last day at her job.
  • Decided to throw a last minute going away party for said friend who is moving on Friday – the party is Thursday night.  (It was a surprise party, but someone couldn’t keep a secrete).  So, lot of organizing and preparing on Friday/Saturday.  Alcohol and grocery shopping on Sunday.  And now we will be prepping every night this week to host.
  • Spin class Saturday.
  • Spin class Sunday.
  • Mowed the lawn.
  • Passed the anniversary of our abortion/termination for medical reasons.  How the hell has it been 3 years?!
  • A quick trip to Ikea to pick up a few sleep sacks (because they are so cheap and Baby MPB is a growing little boy) and new place-mats (because of the aforementioned party).
  • Washed everyone’s clothing and even folded the clean laundry.
  • Built a little something special for Baby MPB, which required multiple trips to the craft store and a specialty wood store (I’ll share the finish product soon).  Well, truthfully, Mr. MPB has done most of the hard work.  I’ve just provided artistic input.
  • Had another Mr. and Mrs. MPB disagreement, because that seems to be what we do when we are going 3000 miles a minute.
  • Worked a bit on Sunday because I discovered a problem that I inadvertently created for a client and now have to now fix – fun times.

It’s been a bit insane.  The one plus is that Baby MPB is back to his old self – or should I say young self?  Happy and healthy!

Honestly, I’m not sure why we did this crazy weekend to ourselves.  Because, at the end of the day, we chose to do all of this so it’s on our shoulders for living in continued chaos.

And even more, I have a bunch of other stuff running through my mind that I have to deal with – mostly good stuff and a few really bright spots.  But of course it’s not all good, because life just don’t seem to work that way.

So, I need to write some stuff out this week even if I’d really rather ostrich and hide.

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6 Comments on “Living in Chaos and Ostriching

  1. What great friends you are! I love that despite having so much going on you are doing something for a friend. And I can’t wait to see the craft project! Also so glad baby MPB is feeling better.


  2. Sometimes it’s good to ostrich, because it gives you some time to sort out what’s going on in your head before trying to even get it out into words (whether on paper, screen, or verbally). As long as you get it out eventually, that’s what matters!
    I can relate to this post so much. We’ve been going a million miles an hour lately, especially me, and it’s really been getting to me/us. We had a huge blow-up over the weekend as well. I’m really hoping things settle down for everyone very soon, because I think we all just need a break sometimes!


  3. Even ostriches need to let it out from time to time. 😉

    Also, this sounds like my weekend every weekend. Are you implying that it is possible to live a functional existence without doing “all the things!?” Teach me your ways!

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