Another First: Sick Mommy

Yesterday as I was sitting at my desk, shutting everything off for the night, I noticed I had a sniffle.  Then, a maybe 10 minutes later I started sneezing.  And just a few minutes later, I noticed swallowing was less then fun.  As I began making dinner I noticed my head started to feel full and heavy, as if the fog was settling over me.  And then, my eyes started watering and burning, and I knew I was done.

Within about 1 hour I went from perfectly healthy to miserably sick.

So, how does one care for an infant while sick?  An infant who has been fortunate to be healthy since birth.  An infant, who by the fact that he is an infant, has a weaker immune system.

Well, evidently, in the MPB household it means that mommy get’s banished and daddy does everything.  Mr. MPB took over everything – feedings, diaper changes, snuggling, etc..  This is one of those formula feeding instances I’m thankful for as Baby MPB is not reliant solely on me for nutrition, so Daddy could fully take over.  And yes, I realize just how fortunate to be married to such an amazing man, that without hesitation he took over in an effort to try and keep Baby MPB healthy.

20150301 - 100HappyDays_Day236And it’s a good thing because I feel absolutely horrible, have basically been in bed since last night.  Mr. MPB is not only keep Baby MPB healthy, but he’s also keeping the neocitron coming my way and let me binge watch Fuller House!

So, while Mr. MPB is being super dad, after almost 24 hours of quarantine I do have one thing to complain about: I miss my baby snuggles!! 

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28 Comments on “Another First: Sick Mommy

  1. Oh, no! Being a sick mom is the WORST but it’s a good thing you have Mr. MPB to take over so you can get proper rest! Feel better soon!


  2. Get well soon! I have the whole head cold and now a cough too so you have all my sympathy (though I do not have a little one to consider). You are so lucky Mr MPB is taking over, I hope you will be back on snuggle duty soon.


  3. I remember this!! My husband got sick and I sent him to the guest room for two days to sleep it off in quarantine. It’s funny how intense that protective parental instinct is! I hope you feel better soon!!


  4. Hope you feel better soon! That’s amazing that he can take over completely and you can actually rest. I dream of this. 🙂


  5. Ahhhh…. this swift downfall o’ sickness is the WORST. Feel better soon! It’s your time to shine Mr. MPB. Mama finally completely burnt out.


  6. This is the woooooorst. My first illness was a bout of mastitis. I went from “I think something is wrong” to “oh shit, something is definitely wrong” within a few hours while Kevin was at work. It’s so hard to take care of the little one when you are under the weather. Feel better!


  7. Oh no! Way to go Mr MPB. Looking after your child when sick is so hard so it is great he can step up for you both. I have been watching Fuller House too as my trash easy watch show. I flicked it in while sorting baby clothes yesterday. Hope you feel better soon x


  8. I’ve learned that over time, it switches and their immune systems become SO much stronger than ours. A 12-hour stomach bug in a 1 year old put my husband in the hospital and had me on the bathroom floor for 5 days.

    Feel better soon and look forward to the days when you are more worried about him getting you sick instead!


  9. Mr. MPB must be hiding a cape somewhere! Sounds like he is working on his nomination for dad of the year! It is awful to be sick with the added worry of getting the baby sick. Hope you feel better soon!


  10. We have a rule in this house – Mom isn’t allowed to get sick. HA! Brian will quarantine himself from me if he’s sick, and won’t let a sick kid sleep with me at night. This isn’t my rule – it is his. Everything goes to shit if I’m sick since we don’t have daycare or family to fall back on. Needless to say, he has NEVER missed a day of work to stay home with the kids while I’ve been sick. He’s lucky I have such a strong immune system (I’m also not a baby like he is when I get sick – that makes a huge difference!).

    You need to get better ASAP, and you can NEVER get sick again! 😉

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  11. Being sick and being a mom of an infant is the WORST! I’m so thankful Mr MPB is there to help and willing! My husband has been gone for 16 weeks and due to the stress I’ve had no help and 4 colds and one tummy bug! It’s awful! Get well soon so you can continue all those baby snuggle sessions 💙 HUGS

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  12. ‘Liked’ in support and because your Hubby is lovely 🙂
    Hope you are feeling better soon hun so you can get back to all that baby cuteness and snuggles!
    Feel better and chillax. I have been enjoying Fuller House myself 🙂


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