Off Balance Once Again

So, my thyroid is still out of whack.

In fact, out of whack is a bit of an understatement.

It seems that I’m getting blood work done every 4-6 weeks, and my numbers just keep changing.  Which mean we keep altering my Synthroid dose to try to get my thyroid back into a healthy range.  I go from one test where my TSH is too high, then the next test it is too low.

I’m frustrated beyond belief.  Not because of the constant blood work, which in itself is annoying, but because I don’t feel like myself.

It’s like I’m an incompetent fool trying to gracefully walk along a balance beam with both my feet tied together.

I spend a week or two being absolutely exhausted, then I spend the next few weeks feeling like I cannot sit still, I don’t sleep soundly, my mind is racing and I’m pretty sure my heart racing as well.

Currently I most recently upped my dosage about 3 weeks ago (from 37.5MCG to 50MCG, and 50MCG caused me problems last time I was on this dose).  And just like last time, I’m stressing over things that I shouldn’t rationally be anxious over.  My mind seems to be racing, and sometimes bouncing around like a ping pong ball on crack.  I’m starting to sleep poorly, in that I cannot stay asleep for any extended period of time.  I’m finding myself tossing and turning all night long and at times even awake for hours in the middle of the night.  I cannot sit still.  The tension in my body is so great that I feel like I must be creating permanent wrinkle lines

. Heck, the best description I can think of is that I just generally feel like I’ve been wound up so tightly that at any moment a spring is going to let loose and I’m going to fly across the sky.

I know myself really well, and I just know when I’m off.  And clearly I’m off right now.

Thankfully, this time I know the cause.  Honestly, I feel exactly how I did last time we tried this Synthroid dose, so I know what the problem is.

But, my TSH blood work requires that I be on this dose right now.  So, I don’t have much choice.

I can go get my blood work re-done, but honestly, based on the last few months I know the outcome:  My TSH numbers will have dropped so I’ll drop my dose then in no time I’ll be exhausted and sleeping constantly. And then, once again in a few more weeks, we’ll test my TSH, they’ll have gone too high and so my Synthroid dose will go back up.

It’s like I’m part of an annoying little dance and it is driving me freaking crazy.

So, off to the doctor I’ll go once again for another spin on the dance floor.  It’s a good thing I really like my family doctor and that I live in a part of the world where I don’t have to pay for each visit!!

P.S. I almost think it’s funny that I only write about this when I’m in that overly-medicated anxious state, not the under-medicated exhausted state.

P.P.S. I think my appointment with my counselor later this week will probably be entertaining as I wait to see how long it takes her to pick up on my crazy energy.

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37 Comments on “Off Balance Once Again

    • The pills only come in certain doses, which is super frustrating. So, I’m currently alternating days between 37.5 and 50. I got so frustrated this morning that I just called my clinic and they said to try this before my next blood test in a few weeks. So, I guess time will tell!


  1. I’m sorry you’re all over the place right now. Is there a different medication that you can try that might not have such drastic changes every time you adjust the dose? I’m pretty sure there are a multitude of thyroid meds out there! Maybe this one just doesn’t do it for your body. It would be worth looking into and talking to your Dr about. I hope he gets things figured out for you soon!! If it were me, I’d be adjusting my dose myself lol!! (Don’t do that though, I’m just bad!)


    • The worst part of it is when I’m like this I just feel agitated constantly. But, rationally I know the cause, so that helps.
      And, I have been screwing around with the dose on my own, but my doctor knows about it and is okay with it. So, I’m now alternating days between 37.5 and 50. Hopefully it will help, but so far it’s not. Arg!

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  2. How frustrating. Hey universe– cut his lovely lady a break, ok?? Glad you know the cause and hope it can be resolved sooner rather than later. Xo


    • First, if the worst thing the universe is going to throw at me is a few months of a wonky thyroid, I will gladly accept it. Because at least I know what’s going on, even if I don’t like it. And, maybe that means the universe will finally come through with a adoption match for us! A girl can dream, right? 🙂

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    • Also could they try you on Armour (“natural” thyroid med) instead of Synthroid (levothyroxine) and see if that helps? Sorry to hear you’re struggling with this.


      • I am going to stick with the synthroid for now as I prefer to be on the medication that my doctor recommends. But I will ask him about Armour next time I see him. Thanks for the suggestion.
        As for all the other testing, my doctor tests them all. The only one that is showing problems is the TSH.

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    • It really is driving me bonkers! Hopefully soon enough it will settle down and not bother me – I went nearly 6 years without a fluctuation, so hopefully it wont be long before it goes back to normal.


  3. I’m sorry. I hope you get it figured out. I don’t know a lot about thyroid stuff. My wife is convinced she has hypothyroidism though.


    • If your wife thinks she has it, it’s a pretty simple blood test. I understand that typically it’s pretty easy to treat, in fact I went 6 years without a fluctuation in my TSH. So, it might be worth a trip to the doctor for her to find out.


      • She’s had it, her results are worse than mine, I’m pretty average 1.3, she’s between 3.4-3.98. Not enough for the doctor to test her.


      • I think anything below 4 is considered normal. But, it can change over time. I know my doctor routinely tests his patients once a year, that’s how he found my problem initially. So depending on how long it’s been another test might be worth it?


  4. How frustrating 😦 That would drive me crazy! Have they any idea of the root cause? Rather than just changing your dosage all the time? It’s awful when you’re all wound up and can’t stay asleep. I really hope this settles down for you x


    • The thing with thyroids is they have no idea what the root cause of fluctuations is. So, I have no real way to change my lifestyle to try to fix it. Evidently, it’s just one of those things that’s still a mystery to the medical field. So, at some point my body should maybe return to a more normal state and until then we just have to keep trying to get my dose right. Delightful, eh?


      • So frustrating for you!! I had no idea it was so poorly understood, what a nightmare to have to live with. I really hope it settles down – it would drive me crazy!!


  5. I also have this issue from time to time. I actually spent a few months earlier this year on a mixed dose. The high dose on the weekends and the low dose on weekdays. It was kind of a pain to deal with the pharmacy, but it did the trick of keeping me at a normal level so it was worth it. Maybe you could suggest a mixed dose to your doc?


    • I actually got so annoyed I called the clinic and we are going to try a mixed dose. Alternating days between 37.5 and 50. So, now I just have to try remembering what dose I have to take each morning. I’m hoping it will help!

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  6. Argh! I hate these issues. I struggle with my thyroid too. It took me almost 3 years to find my magic dose of 112MG.

    One thing I will mention from my adventures is my doc wouldn’t let me get my blood tests done until after 6-8 weeks as she felt that 4-6 weeks was too soon to see if the dose had levelled out (so might be worth asking your doc on that one).

    Also, I started following “Hypothyroid Mom” on Facebook. She posts some good articles from time to time that I find interesting to educate myself a little more. Lots of talk about diet restrictions (i.e. GF), but I really haven’t done anything myself yet when it comes to that.

    I am hoping things level out sooner than later…those heart palpitations suck!
    Take care!! Any questions, let me know!!

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  7. I have been taking levothyroxin (which I think is the same as Synthroid) for 45 years thanks to an inherited thyroid condition. In my case, the effects of changing doses (like when I forget for days in a row) take a week or two to manifest and another week or two to correct themselves. I’ve also experienced that stress effects thyroid levels and vice versa. Seeing as how you are in the most stressful phase of your adoption, it might not be the best time to be experimenting with dosages. Of course, you should listen to your doctor and not a blog stranger (however similar our life experiences are!) – but you could talk to him or her about strategies for dealing with and reducing stress.


  8. Ugh you poor thing. Have you thought of working with a naturopath or similar to complement what you are doing medically. I know there is stuff they can give you to help. A good friend of mine has had lots of success that way (I don’t mean to abandon the medical stuff at all, just complement). Just a suggestion. 🙂


  9. Oh man I feel for you. I am on 150 a day. The sleep patterns, the nightmares, hair loss, and on and on. It just plain sucks! I have B12 as well.. I was on shots until I got preg and levelled out. But it is dropping like a rock right now. Thinking of you and hoping the numbers swing quickly back to normal. Thyroid contributes to my Kobo habit. Hahahaha


  10. Are you taking the medication at exactly the same time every morning with the required hours before and after other medication/s? You could take 50 mcG every Mon, Weds & Thurs and then 37.5 on the others days — you could ask your physician about alliterating day dosing and see what they think. Sometimes it’s really tough to get that TSH level just right. Your symptoms, though, shouldn’t be dismissed. Insomnia and tachycardia (fast heart rate) shouldn’t be overlooked — symptoms say a lot about correct dosage. While the TSH might be off, if the Free T4 is within range that can speak a lot to treatment balance — ask your doctor. Are you seeing an endocrinologist?

    Anyway, good luck in your pursuit of euthyroid! 🙂


  11. That must be maddening. I hope you can find the right balance soon. My mom had serious thyroid troubles. It’s amazing how the thyroid just rules your energy.


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  13. Oh Hon, I’m sorry! That just sounds like a crappy way to have to live right now. Any chance you can just cut off a slight portion of the pill to make it somewhere in-between the 2 doses? I hope your Dr. is able to find a happy medium for you. Sending you lots of love!


  14. As someone who has experienced the thyroid swings first hand, I feel for you my friend. It’s super frustrating to feel like there’s no clear strategy to nail down a good dose, other than trial and error. I hope it’s figured out soon though. The anxiety is the worst.


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