Miss. Complainy Pants

I’m tired.

I’m cold.

I’m hungry.

I’m thirsty.

I don’t want to work.

I’m all around grouchy and just want to go back to bed and skip today.

These are the worlds Mr. MPB heard bright and early this morning.

Thankfully for him, he left the house before I was fully awake and he only had to hear my complaining over the phone.

Thankfully for the world, I work from home and get to contain my company self to my home and not spread my attitude with and entire office.

So, to fix me my ever so sweet husband arrived at home with a yummy Chai Tea Latte. He then switched our thermostat to winter mode so the house will be warmer all day long and he made me a sandwich.

Clearly, he’s a wise man.  He knows his efforts to keep me fed and watered will result in a much happier me.  And of course, a happy me means a much happier him too.

And maybe tonight I will try going to bed a bit earlier in hopes of sleeping a better so I can wake up feeling a like my normal much more cheerful self.

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39 Comments on “Miss. Complainy Pants

  1. Maybe you should get to bed early and get busy in between sheets with the Mr :))
    That is certainly known to improve mood, and with such a sweet guy like yours, I am sure you both will feel better :))

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  2. Oh we’ve all had those days. Maybe Mr. MPB can give my hubby a few tips? He seems to have baby brain lately too when arriving at home with a nice ice cream cone would seriously make my day.

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  3. Well done Mr MBP. I’m having exactly that sort of day here. Tired and Miss Moany Pants. I blame the weather! X

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      • It would! Nothing like a mutual complain over a hot drink to make everyone feel better 😄


  4. Aw, that’s a good guy you’ve got right there — he’s a keeper! Here’s hoping that a fed and watered you is a happier you! And it’s almost the weekend, so hopefully there’s some sleeping in in your future as well. 🙂

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    • He is a pretty good guy, and I have no intentions of letting him go anywhere. hahaha! 🙂
      After being fed and watered, I went back to bed for a mid-morning nap. Now I’m all around much happier!


  5. Funky days happen, huh? I had one a few days ago and just told Brian to ignore me.

    I’m glad the mister knew how to fix you. I think that’s the #1 requirement in a mate… Can they “fix” me? YES!

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    • I love that on your bad day you just told Brian to ignore you. I should have done that too! Except knowing me then I’d get annoyed that he’s ignoring me and it would just be worse. haha!


  6. Very smart man!! I love the beginning of this post. When I’m grumpy my husband usually goes through that exact same check list…”are you hungry? Do you have to pee? Are you cold?” It’s amazing how our physiological needs can have a real psychological impact. I’m hoping you are feeling better now! 🙂

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    • It sounds like you also have a very smart husband! Mine knows me so well that he now keeps a spare granola bar in his car for emergency situations. It makes me laugh and smile.
      How are you doing?! I hope you are well!

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  7. Sorry you had an off day today! Do you guys have snow up there yet? I know some of my friends in NY said they had some the other day! I hope that you’re feeling better by now, and that you get some sleep to help tomorrow be a better day!

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      • I’m about to take a nap myself. I’m trying to hang in there…just posted about everything going on here. I’ve been better, but then again I’ve been worse, too. Just hanging in there really :-/


  8. I come with an SOP that outlines what measures need to be in place when I’m cranky too- fed? Slept? Exercised? Time to self?

    We are sometimes simpler than we think. Thank god our spouses know this!


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