My Perfect Breakdown


We chose to terminate one of our pregnancies. I’ve written about it only once, and re-posted it on another blog, 1 in 10, dedicated to sharing stories of women who have terminated for medical reasons (TFMR). On August 14, 2013 we ended our precious baby girl’s life. Since we said goodbye to our little girl it has been: 616 days,or 1 year, 8 months and 8 days, or 88 weeks, or 14,784… Read More

If I could turn back time, would I do it all over again? Would I delay trying for kids until we were educated and stable in our careers, just to end up leaving my career? Would I keep trying after our first loss? Our second? Our third? And our fourth and fifth? Would I naïvely trust my local fertility clinic? Would I seek out specialized medical expertise sooner? Would I let myself… Read More