My Perfect Breakdown


I don’t even know where to start. Remember that couple who hurt us more then I think anyone ever has with their devastatingly insensitive first pregnancy announcement?  Followed by the ultrasound photo as an announcement for their second pregnancy? Well, as expected, their second baby has just arrived. As an aside, I wonder, will I ever be excited for fertile people who have babies?  Yes, I looked at the baby photos the… Read More

Today is a day that always stands out in my mind – and not because of Star Wars. Today an old friend’s child turns 4.  This is a child who is presumably alive and well, but I honestly don’t know.  I always thought I’d watch this child grow-up.  In fact, because of the close relationship Mr. MPB and I had with this child’s parents, I always thought we’d be honorary Auntie & Uncle, just as I always… Read More