My Perfect Breakdown


I’m now 3 weeks post breast reduction surgery.  I am interacting with baby MPB like nothing has changed, with one exception – to the best of my ability, I avoid his entire body wiggles in the vicinity of my chest, particularly his leg kicks.  Those just don’t feel great. I am still bruised – mostly light green and yellow bruising now, which is a substantial improvement from the original brown, red and… Read More

I have a problem.  A problem I should have thought about much sooner then I evidently did.  But, the fact that I can be slightly slow isn’t really the point. And in the scheme of my life, this problem is pretty minor.  But, it’s still a problem none the less. . I have to buy essentially an entirely new shirt/top wardrobe.  It turns out, losing 5lbs from ones chest drastically changes how clothing… Read More