My Perfect Breakdown


I went for my first post-operation check-up.  I spent more time trying to take off my shirt and bra then I did with the surgeon. But, for good reason. Everything is healing perfectly.  In fact, unless I have reason to be concerned I do not have to go back for another check-up. I’m told: There are no signs of infection. (Yay!!!) The bruising is completely normal, even though it looks absolutely horrific…. Read More

When I met with my anesthetist I had to go over my past medical history.  I had to go over every time I’ve been under a general anesthetic.  This meant I had to go through all of our losses. I told my story, just as I have so many other times.  I explained that in the panic/rush of the emergency D&C we have no idea if I was under a general anesthetic… Read More