My Perfect Breakdown


Today started out rather rough.  Little MPB didn’t sleep well last night as his 2 year molars have started their freakishly early and painfully slow arrival.  Which meant Mr. MPB and I didn’t sleep well.  Which meant the adult MPBs were both tired and grouchy (yet, Little MPB was as happy as ever – how does he do this?!). Anyways, after a rushed morning Mr. MPB made a snarky comment under his… Read More

For 20 years now Easter has been a reminder of my mom and sisters deaths.  I almost do not remember a time in my life when I actually enjoyed Easter.  Yet, rationally I know I would have enjoyed it as a kid because we would have spent the day as a family – Easter egg hunt, church, a big family dinner, etc.  But somehow it’s like the car accident simply erased everything about Easter… Read More