Happy Heart, Happy Easter

For 20 years now Easter has been a reminder of my mom and sisters deaths.  I almost do not remember a time in my life when I actually enjoyed Easter.  Yet, rationally I know I would have enjoyed it as a kid because we would have spent the day as a family – Easter egg hunt, church, a big family dinner, etc.  But somehow it’s like the car accident simply erased everything about Easter from my memory, leaving me with a void of Easter memories.

It’s weird.

Anyways, last year was my first year as a mother, and I made a point to make Easter fun.  But let me tell you, celebrating Easter with a young infant, wasn’t all that fun.  Really, as much as I tried to make it fun, Little MPB was too young to understand or even care.  Yes, I put cute little bunny ears on him (which he hated) and his grandparents bought him an Easter book and a few Easter themed toys (which he sort of looked at before losing interest).  And while his older cousins played he simply watched from the comfort of my arms.  Truthfully, he just didn’t get it.  Which of course was no fault of his, he was just too young.

So now that Easter is here again, I laughed walking through the aisle at a store recently – as much as the modern consumer world wants me to buy all things cute and chocolatey for my kid, Little MPB still isn’t going to get it.  I’m not falling into this consumer trap this year, no-way, no-how.  Our house will not be decorated with all things bunny and egg.  I will not be buying tonnes of chocolate, because I know I will be the one who eats it all.  And there will be no Easter egg hunt, as Little MPB just isn’t going to understand it.

But, what I do know about this Easter is that Little MPB will enjoy toddling along with his cousins, and he will probably enjoy a new toy or book from his grandparents.  And, I’ll probably stick those old bunny years on his head again, and he will probably hate them just like he did last year.

And that, will be more then enough to make my heart happy this Easter.


Wishing everyone a weekend filled with love and laughter.

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5 Comments on “Happy Heart, Happy Easter

  1. Good Friday last year was when I found out I was pregnant, so we are staying in instead of going to the service tonight. I hope one day to be in the aisles of the stores busing up all the chocolates right there with you. 🙂


  2. Molly is nearly FIVE (omg) and do Easter is huge this year. I’ve tried to teach her the story of Easter so it’s not all chocolate 🐰🙈 but she’s so ready to go hunting tomorrow! Happy Easter 🐇🐣


  3. We skipped the chocolate for A too but did some cute bunny ear pics. We also did an Easter basket with bows, tights, pj’s, and a stuffed bunny that sings “Jesus Loves Me”. Mostly, she just slept through Easter though, lol.

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