My Perfect Breakdown


A few first puppy thoughts…. Doodle MPB is adorable!  She’s a little brown fuzzball. What was I thinking when I said an infant almost seems manageable?  A puppy who hates her crate is definitely a tiny reminder of just how hard infants are.  Mr. MPB and I already miss sleep, and we really aren’t very good at giving up sleep.  The only one who seems to sleep through her nighttime crying is… Read More

The MPB family is growing – we are adding a puppy to our little family!  In fact, she comes home later today! She is a Labradoodle.  Henceforth called Doodle MPB. The day after I wrote the post seeking help on figuring out what dog breed to get, I sort of stumbled upon some puppies while I was away with work.  I went and met them all, and fell in love with a… Read More