The MPB Family Is Growing

The MPB family is growing – we are adding a puppy to our little family!  In fact, she comes home later today!

She is a Labradoodle.  Henceforth called Doodle MPB.

The day after I wrote the post seeking help on figuring out what dog breed to get, I sort of stumbled upon some puppies while I was away with work.  I went and met them all, and fell in love with a calm and snuggly little girl.  She (and her siblings) was raised by a family with 2 children, in the families house.  They are not breeders per-say, just a family who decided to mix their chocolate lab with a friends standard poodle.  There were four puppies still available when I met them, and this little girl stole my heart.  She’s not so calm that I’d call her timid, but she’s also definitely not overly active and exuberant.

As you know, Mr. MPB and I spent a lot of talking about what type of dog to get.  We determined that we couldn’t get an Old English Sheepdog or a Sheepadoodle.  The behavioural risks were just to great.  So, we decided to go with some sort of a retriever.  We were leaning towards a golden retriever.  But then, this little girl just sort of just appeared.  And, she just made sense to be the next MPB family member.

We have also fully committed to the puppy training process, as we are very aware of the risks of putting a 2 year old toddler with a puppy that will grow to be large dog.  And we also remember what happened when our last dog was nearly 90lbs and not well enough trained – we ended up hiring a private trainer to help us.  And so, while we have trained a puppy before, we know we aren’t experts and we also know that we have a toddler in the mix this time.  So, we have decided we need to pay for some help to make sure we get this right. Unofunatly our last trainer has moved far away, so I searched out a new dog trainer.  After interviewing 4 different ones who came highly recommended, I went with the one recommended by our Vet as I think they will be the best fit for us. So, our training protocol looks like this:

  • Step 1: 1.5 hour private training session.  This session will be in our home with Mr. MPB and I later this week – we will get a joint lesson in the basics.  As we need both adults paying full attention to this lesson, Little MPB will be at daycare during the training session.
  • Step 2: Puppy Classes.  Only one of us will be able to go to puppy classes (probably mostly me), and the other one will be with Little MPB.  Even if we try bringing Little MPB to a class, one adult will be fully focused on Little MPB, not the dog training so one adult will completely miss out of the training.  (Hence the decision to do private training).  We plan to do puppy classes with the individual that we’ve hired for the private training (but we haven’t paid yet, just in case we find she’s not right for us).
  • Step 3: Puppy Socialization.  We are still looking for a puppy play time so that Doodle MPB gets lots of exposure to other puppies in a safe/controlled environment.  (We don’t want to go to dog parks until she has at least her second set of vaccinations).
  • Step 4/5: Obedience Classes & Additional Private Training.  This will be dependent on how steps 1, 2 and 3 go.  We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to foster a well behaved /polite dog with a positive relationship between Little MPB and Doodle MPB.

As for the puppies real name, we don’t know it yet.  We are letting Little MPB determine the dogs name (possibly with some suggestions from us, depending on what he comes up with).  So far, when we show him pictures and ask what her name is he simply says Puppy!! Ruff, Ruff, Ruff.

Basically, we have added a new element of crazy into our little family!  I’m crazy excited, and also slightly petrified of the coming weeks!

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20 Comments on “The MPB Family Is Growing

    • I am too!! But honestly, the day we decided to get her was the same day the city notified me to renew our past dog’s licence. It broke my heart. I still miss her so darn much…


  1. Doodle MPB, I love it! And it looks like she was kismet for your family. I also agree with all your steps, especially the dog park. We actually tell that to all our fosters and puppy adopters!

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      • Yes, I read it and then had an appointment before I could respond, but I did respond to it now! I’ve also reached out to my SPCA peeps for more tips and tricks. 🙂

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  2. Congrats! She sounds like she should be a good fit and good for you for ensuring that the transition (ie training) will be relatively smooth. I guess the dog could always be called Ruff!

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    • I sure hope the training goes well! And, who knows, maybe we will settle on the name Ruff, although neither Mr. MPB and I don’t love that name. So probably not. hahaha


  3. Yay!!! I’m glad you are getting the training. Rocky is going to be big when he is full size (no idea on his breed as he is an obvious mutt) and we are already having problems with him jumping on the boys and he stretched Tru’s face doing this. We are working on getting him to play gently and he is definitely learning but lessons would be so helpful. Unfortunately we are not in an area where lessons are possible as we would have to drive at least an hour each way. So that is out. But I’m glad you guys are able to make that happen. Have fun with your new puppy!!

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    • I am definitely glad we have the ability to get really good puppy training near by! In my limited experience, I think all puppies go through a major jumping phase and unfortunately that’s not idea with little kids around. Maybe you can share your tips on how you helped Rocky learn not to jump? 🙂


  4. Fantastic! Oh my goodness, a dog will bring such happiness (and maybe a bit of chaos, but that ok!) into your life! Congrats! Ps I’m seriously jealous ❤️


  5. Congratulations!! Labradoodles are wonderful dogs and she will be a great fit! It will be so much fun watching her and Little MPB grow up together!

    For socialization classes, check with a few of the vet offices in your city. Some of them offer up puppy socialization sessions where everyone with puppies around the same age just bring them to the lobby of the vet office and the puppies play and get socialized. It’s safe and controlled too. Plus who doesn’t love watching a pile of cute puppies playing? Also check with some of the smaller kind of pet supply stores as they may know of puppy socializing opportunities too!


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