My Perfect Breakdown


We’ve managed to cook all our supers at home through September, with the only exception being if I’m away for work because I’d rather eat out then not eat at all. Yay us! Anyways, this last week was interesting as I was on a low fiber, no raw veggies or fruit diet as I prepped for a colonoscopy.  So, it made for a weird week of food for me, but Mr. MPB… Read More

This Sunday Fun Day, is all about food. First, we had fun this week as we are harvesting lots of veggies from our garden on a regular basis now. Second, on Saturday we cooked.  And we cooked A LOT!  We made a total of about 25 meals for Mr. MPB and I together to put in our freezer for future busy days.  Almost all the vegetables are fresh, organic and local, as… Read More