Mr. MPB’s September Challenge: Days 25 through 31

We’ve managed to cook all our supers at home through September, with the only exception being if I’m away for work because I’d rather eat out then not eat at all.

Yay us!

Anyways, this last week was interesting as I was on a low fiber, no raw veggies or fruit diet as I prepped for a colonoscopy.  So, it made for a weird week of food for me, but Mr. MPB and Little MPB ate a more balanced diet, so most of the pictures are actually Mr. MPB’s meals.

Day 25: September 25, 2017: I was away with work (again), so I had a quesadilla at a restaurant (not pictured) and Mr. MPB and Little MPB had lamb roast left-overs again.

Day 26: September 26, 2017: Cheese burger with lots of fresh veggies, sautéed mushrooms and onions for Mr. MPB.  For me, the same thing, minus the fresh veggies (not pictured).

Day 27: September 27, 2017: My last solid food meal before I had to start the colonoscopy prep.  So, I chose wild sockeye salmon barbequed on a cedar plank.  This photo is of Mr. MPB’s meal as I wasn’t allowed rice or raw veggies.  So, I literally just had the salmon and some white bread, which would not have made for as nice of a photo.

Day 28: September 28, 2017:  Mr. MPB and Little MPB enjoyed barbequed lamb and veggie Kabobs.  We don’t often cook Kabobs, but I must say, they are so easy to prepare and barbeque – we should definitely try to do this more.   I on the other hand endured a day of clear liquid fluids and a dinner of Colyte.  I can assure you, their meal was much better then mine!  Colyte is beyond disgusting!

Day 29: September 29, 2017: My post-colonoscopy/post-gastroscopy meal of my choice was simple – steak and potatoes.  Mr. MPB cooked the steak perfectly (I did nothing as I was legally impaired and not allowed to do much of anything).

Day 30: September 30, 2017:  We decided to finish this month’s challenge with a Canadian classic – Poutine.  French fries, cheese and gravy.  Our little twist was including left-over steak from the night before.  Little MPB loved it.  Mr. MPB and I, not so much.  I put in way too much cheese and it was just too heavy.

Day 31: October 1, 2017: I thought I’d add in one more meal because we did cook super at home.  Venison chops and carrots.  Mr. MPB and I also split a giant Grolsch, because why not?


Hopefully our one month of making and eating our meals at home will help keep us on track through the fall.  Even though every meal wasn’t perfectly healthy, they were all probably better for us then the meals we would have ordered in restaurants, so I really do hope we continue to do a better job of eating at home.  Also, have I mentioned lately, I do realize how fortunate I am to be married to someone who actually likes cooking and can cook well?  I know I’m spoiled, and I’m definitely thankful because if we relied on my cooking skills, we’d live off Kraft Dinner.

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12 Comments on “Mr. MPB’s September Challenge: Days 25 through 31

  1. I usually do the cooking as I’m home with the kids but K is now doing the cooking and is doing a great job – it’s nice not to worry about what we are going to have for dinner.

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  2. Your meals always look amazing!! I’m sorry you had a rough week as far as your own meals went…I’ve been there, it sucks. I’m proud of you for cooking for almost every single meal!! We need to be better about that. We do fairly well, but definitely eat out at least once a week every week. Last night I actually looked up a recipe and made us pesto cream pasta for dinner! B grilled some chicken to go with it (I couldn’t do it all while trying to entertain C, who wants only me lately!). It would have been easier with a food processor, but we only have a blender…we’ve decided we’re getting ourselves a food processor for Christmas lol! It turned out pretty good though!

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  3. These look delicious! I am working on eating at home more, too. I had meals from Hello Fresh for a few dinners this week and will be getting a delivery from them again next week.

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