My Perfect Breakdown


An update on our home-made meals.  I decided to actually help out in this month’s commitment to home-cooked meals – it seemed just a little unfair for me to not even help.  Some have been healthier then others, but they’ve all been pretty good so far. Day 1: September 1, 2017: Salt and pepper baked wings and Greek salad.  The Greek salad became lunch for a few more days. Day 2: September… Read More

This Sunday Fun Day, is all about food. First, we had fun this week as we are harvesting lots of veggies from our garden on a regular basis now. Second, on Saturday we cooked.  And we cooked A LOT!  We made a total of about 25 meals for Mr. MPB and I together to put in our freezer for future busy days.  Almost all the vegetables are fresh, organic and local, as… Read More