My Perfect Breakdown


Yesterday upon pick-up from daycare, like normal Little MPB dropped what he was doing and charged straight for me (that will never get old).  But, what was new was that the teacher in Little MPBs room approached me with the manager of the facility was right behind her.  I knew it wasn’t going to be good news. Honestly, I assumed he did something to another child, and I wasn’t very excited to find out what… Read More

The most amazing first happened this week. Daycare sent home art-work completed by Little MPB.  It truly made my heart skip a beat when Mr. MPB brought Little MPB and the artwork home. For some reason I simply wasn’t expecting art-work to be sent home at this age. I have no idea why, but this first nearly had me crying happy tears. . Then, Mr. MPB and I decided we have to figure out where… Read More