My Perfect Breakdown


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve sort of gone incognito when it comes to my counsellor.  Life’s been busy and I forgot to make an appointment.  Or maybe I chose not to?  Or maybe I decided to try living on my own without help for a while? I really don’t know. But what I do know is that last weeks sobering moment was tough, and in a completely different way… Read More

Tomorrow marks 3 months since I officially resigned from my job. 3 months, since I officially left my career to focus on our family. 3 months, since I admitted to the world that I couldn’t do everything. Well, 3 months later, we are not pregnant which is starting to drive me crazy and is starting to make me worry about other possible infertility problems (i.e. scar tissue from 2 D&C’s). And, 3… Read More