My Perfect Breakdown


My heart says yes.  My heart actually screams yes. My head says no.  There is just no practical way we make this happen. Oddly (or maybe not oddly at all), Mr. MPB seems to be saying the exact same thing. We would love another child.  A sibling for Baby MPB.  Another child for us to love. More laughter and love to fill our house.  If we were normal fertile people I have… Read More

(Post attempt 2 – hopefully this time with the text.) Some would probably say that Baby MPB is a spoiled child. I beg to differ.  Simply, I do not believe a child under 1 can be spoiled.  There basic needs are pretty simple: food love safety/security developmental/educational toys/play I fully admit, Baby MPB has all of this.  In fact, he has as much of this as he could ever want.  But, as… Read More