My Perfect Breakdown


Little MPB’s first official full day at daycare was March 6.  Since then, every single day, Mr. MPB has dropped Little MPB off. Well, today that changed. Friday was my very first time dropping Little MPB off at daycare by myself. I fully acknowledge that it’s taken me over 2 months before I was willing/ready/required to drop him off myself.  Mom fail?  Maybe, but I’m totally okay with this mom fail.  The thought of leaving my… Read More

Our evening out was not at all what we expected…we had a third wheel, named Little MPB on our date!  Which I think means it was really not a date. . Our old nanny had a family emergency and had to cancel at the last minute.  She was very apologetic and I was all don’t even worry about it!!  Go do what you have to do! . So, what was supposed to be… Read More