25 Days of Christmas in Photos: Part 2

A few more Christmas spirit inspired photos.  You can find photos from Days 1 through 5 here. Enjoy!

Day 6: The most amazing Christmas / Winter themed chocolates I’ve ever had.

Day 7: I adore this non-traditional window display.  While the saying is clearly Christmassy, the vibrant non-traditional colours caught my eye.  This may be one of my favourite photos so far.

Day 8: A Christmas train ride with family.

Day 9: An early Christmas celebration with family. The cute moments were worth celebrating, even in our exhausted state.

Day 10: Christmas decorations at an airport.

Day 11: We have a Christmas tree!  Maybe eventually we’ll do more then just put out the tree shirt.

Day 12: Hello Little Rudolph.  You may just become Little MPB’s favourite stuffed animal.

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