Naked Christmas Tree

Photo Source: Adapted from Clip Art

I’ve always been a person who puts my Christmas tree and Christmas decorations up on December 1, and takes everything down before the start of the next year – meaning Christmas decorations are out for 1 month, and 1 month only.

But, I have to admit something….

In amongst all the happy toddler Christmas moments that are unfolding around us this year, there are no Christmas decorations out in our house and our Christmas tree is still not decorated!

We always put up a real tree, but since we were travelling in early December we didn’t get our tree until after we got home.  So, our tree went up on Monday, December 11.  Then, our tree had to “settle” – it’s cold here, which means the tree is bundled up and frozen.  It needs time for the branches to fall back down into a real tree shape.  So, we always wait 24 hours before decorating.

Well, 24 hours later I was away with work.  I did manage to bring up 1 box of Christmas tree ornaments, but that’s as far as I made it before I had to leave.  Then yesterday, we had swimming and before we knew it, it was Little MPB’s bedtime.  And at the sight of a giant mess of Christmas tree lights, I gave up.  And now tonight I’m at another meeting.  And tomorrow night Mr. MPB is at a meeting (who schedules a legit meeting on a Friday evening?).  Which means at the earliest our tree will be decorated on December 16.

Of course, we could decorate the tree after Little MPB goes to bed, but where is the fun in that?  I’d much prefer to have the bottom 2 feet of the tree decorated according to Little MPB’s preferences.

And as for decorations, Little MPB has opened the box of Christmas decorations because he had to investigate the box and now we have red, white and silver Christmas balls all over our kitchen floor, and I’m not sure that I consider these tripping hazards actual Christmas decorations.  So, we have not brought any real decorations out of storage. None!  Nothing!  Nada!

And, in the interest of being completely honest, I’m slightly worried that this year we may just have a naked tree up in our living room and random Christmas balls on our kitchen floor!  Little MPB is enjoying the tree as it is – he loves putting the needles back on the tree, and he finds it fun to run around – maybe we don’t need decorations?  Mr. MPB and I are clearly busy managing our chaotic schedules and decorating just hasn’t made our list of priorities yet. And, know me, soon enough I’m just not going to see the point to putting in all the effort just to take everything down a week later.

But something tells me I’ll forever regret Christmas morning photos with a naked tree…so I’d better get my act together!

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13 Comments on “Naked Christmas Tree

  1. When our twin sons were under 2, we neither put up a Christmas tree nor decorated it: couldn’t figure out a way to do it and keep them from potentially hurting themselves. So you are ahead of where we were at that stage! 😉

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    • Haha! We have decided that if we ever get around to decorating the tree this year, we are only going to put up the shatter proof store bought balls – no ‘special’ decorations that will just get broken. So at least we will limit the damage should he get overly excited about the tree.


  2. YES! We aren’t the only ones!!! We put our tree (which is sadly fake) up about a week and a half ago…and a week and a half later…it’s still sitting naked, except for the lights that it came with already installed. We turn it on every night when we get home. We have boxes of new balls to put on it. But the rest of our decorations are still sitting in our storage unit and don’t appear to be making any hasty rushed trip to our house. We keep saying “tomorrow we will do it” but then tomorrow passes by and it’s still not done. My husband and H leave for the town we are spending christmas at on the 20th, and then I leave on the 22nd…so if we decorate this weekend, that isn’t very long to enjoy it before we are no longer around. Soooo I’m starting to lean towards not decorating it. It’s getting too exhausting thinking about finding the time to even get the bins out of storage. And then, in short order, having to pack it all back up again.

    What if you guys decide to not wait until night time to do the decorating? Do it Saturday morning when everyone is still in PJs and lounge mode? It might be more achievable. Then come evening you will be able to enjoy the magical glow of the tree!


  3. Our house looks very zestless because our tree is in our study to keep it away from our 1 year old 😂 I didn’t want all of December be me saying “Don’t touch the tree”.


  4. I think we agreed we’re not doing ornaments this year. Our tree has lights on it and that’s it. I haven’t even put the tree skirt down. It’s just sitting there on a trash bag. Solidarity.


  5. Maybe just do lights this year? Cadence left ours alone for a while, but last week ahead started trying to pull the glittery ornaments off, so now we have a baby gate around it! And I’d love to put the presents we have already under it, but Bowie chews them open. We do what we can lol


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