Mr. MPB’s September Challenge: Days 20 through 24

We’ve managed to keep up with our plan to cook all our meals at home through September, with the only exception being if I’m away for work.

So, I also realized I haven’t mentioned one thing that is really impacting what we are cooking right now.  My stomach.  We typically eat a modified paleo diet.  But, since I’ve had all my recent stomach problems we’ve found that I need carbs to keep my stomach settled.  If I eat straight up protein, I end up rather sick.  In fact, we’ve noticed that if I eat eggs, I end up literally vomiting within an hour or two.  Later this week I have an appointment with a GI for a colonoscopy and a endoscopy – hopefully I get some answers.  But until then, my GP has suggested that it’s possible I may be developing an adult onset egg allergy, which is a rather depressing thought.

Anyways, onto some of our recent meals:

Day 20: September 20, 2017:  Little MPB has swimming in Wednesday evenings which means Wednesdays are probably going to be crazy for us from now until Christmas.  So, Wednesdays are probably going to be crockpot nights.  This week, we made chicken with potatoes and carrots.

Day 21: September 21, 2017: We now had way too many left-overs in the house.  So, we used our two remaining pizza shells to make a chicken, potatoe, spinach and cheese pizza.  It was fantastic!

Day 22: September 22, 2017: Tiger prawns, scallops and rice.  With homemade ice-cream for dessert.  I love seafood and ice-cream, so this was pretty much amazing!  Little MPB on the other hand, he doesn’t seem to like seafood very much, so he had left over pizza.  Oh, and we also made blueberry muffins earlier in the day just to have on hand for quick breakfasts and snacks – Little MPB loves them!  (Blueberry muffin recipe is here – we never add the sugary topping because I figure I don’t need even more sugar).

Day 23: September 23, 2017: Baked lamb with carrots, yams and mushrooms.  We normally use a beef roast for this meal, but lamb was cheaper, so lamb it was.  We put some rosemary, mustard , salt and pepper on the lamb and simply bake it in the over for a few hours.  The carrots, yams and mushrooms (or whatever veggies we have in the house) go in the roasting plan at the bottom so that they cook in all the lamb juices.  It turned out wonderfully!  Although, Little MPB ended up eating pasta and yogurt because we mis-judged the time the lamb would be finished and we ended up eating our dinner after Little MPB was fast asleep.

Day 24: September 24, 2017: Left-over lamb sandwiches for everyone.


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10 Comments on “Mr. MPB’s September Challenge: Days 20 through 24

  1. Love this! I’ve become a master at crockpot meals. And if our dinner isn’t in the crock pot than it is mostly likely prepped and cooked during nap time. I hope y’all are enjoying the challenge and I hope you get some answers at the GI!


  2. I really wish we lived close to each other so that we could come over and have dinner with you guys every night!! (Well, and so we could hang out lol!) This is all so amazing!! I love the idea of roasting the veggies under the meat in the oven. I always just throw a roast in the crock pot with the veggies, but this is a good idea, too!


  3. Mmmm Lamb!!!

    I really hope it’s not an egg allergy you are developing, that really sucks. 😔 hope you get some answers soon!


  4. Mmmmmm love lamb. If you’ve never done a lamb roast in the slow cooker (crockpot) then I highly recommend it! So easy for those busy days. When I take it out I put the veg in to cook in the lamb fat and then sometimes even save the fat and use it for other Corning later in the week when I’m being super self sustainable hehe but yeah I highly recommend you try it. I am so pleased you are getting some tests soon. That must feel like it has taken forever to come round.


  5. I hope you can figure out the food issues! So many friends trying to do the same thing right now and getting conflicting advice from docs, etc.


  6. Oh my gosh this looks amazing! I would love to do this. Just so hard with Hubby’s crazy work schedule which doesn’t usually fit well with my schedule. Would be very interested to see the difference it makes in how we feel.


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