Adoption Paperwork Update

It’s not often that I’m pleasantly surprised with something related to adoption paperwork.  In fact, in almost 3 years that’s only happened twice – when the fee for the first step of the Canadian Immigration application was only $100 and when a very helpful USA consulate employee told me we could submit Little MPB’s USA Social Security application from Canada.

But, it happened again.  And let me tell you, I’m thrilled by this little victory!


Only a few short months ago, On February 23 to be precise, we submitted the Social Security paperwork.  When we submitted the paperwork we were told the average wait time is 6 – 8 months.  Which we figured was better then never.

Anyways, his social security just arrived in the mail, in less than 3 months!

Which means Little MPB officially has a USA Social Security Number!

So, while I have absolutely no idea why we needed to get his social security number at this age, I know that at least we have it!  And at this point, any paperwork I can check off my to-do-list is worthy of a celebration.

Now I just have to figure out what the purpose of a USA Social Security Number is….  Especially for a child who doesn’t live in the USA.  I suspect this will become a necessity when he’s older, but not right now?  Or do USA born babies pay taxes, even if they don’t live in the USA and don’t make any money, because they are babies?  Maybe we should talk to an accountant.  Which means I need to find a USA accountant.  Oh, fun times.


As an aside, for those who don’t know, we are Canadian so we have Canadian Social Insurance Numbers. Little MPB will get his Canadian SIN once his Canadian citizenship is finalized, and I fully know the purpose of the SIN and actually want that number ASAP as there are some government benefits (i.e. Canadian Education Saving Grant) we can access only once we have the number.

As a double aside, I can almost see the adoption related paperwork light at the end of the tunnel….we are just waiting on his amended birth certificate which should arrive soon (I don’t think I ever mention the giant kerfuffle we’ve been navigating with that process this month…I think it’s solved but should find out one way or another in the next few weeks).  And then we just have to do the second phase of Canadian Immigration, then Canadian SIN application and Canadian passport.  I’m optimistic we may be done all of this by his 2nd birthday, but realistically I accept that he may be 2.5 or even 3 before it’s all done!

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20 Comments on “Adoption Paperwork Update

  1. It sounds like the USA SSN is very similar to the Canadian SIN – it’s not just used for taxes, but for general identification purposes. Basically, anything related to his USA citizenship will be 100% easier if you have an SSN. It’s weird how a number for retirement benefits became a general citizen number, but, well, when has the US ever done anything logical?

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  2. The USA SSN is similar to yours, not just for tax purposes. It’s how we are identified as citizens. It’s how we access benefits, travel, identification, etc.

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      • Yup. FYI Social Security was originally created here to be like an old folks’ pension. These days it’s not enough to pay anyone’s rent, but you still get it in your 60’s, and it’s taken out of everyone’s checks as “FICA” to fund the system. When my husband moved here from Australia I had to explain to him what SSA was because the only thing close to a national number he had was for universal healthcare 🙂

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  3. My husband is a CPA, so I feel like I can speak with complete confidence that there are no baby taxes. 🙂

    I also helped people get their social security disability for 9 years, and it’s very hard to get that number later in life. If he got diagnosed with something serious, he can receive help from the US government in the form of medical insurance and a monthly check.

    Also, like others said it is also required in travel and other benefits.

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    • Good to know the USA doesn’t charge babies taxes! Hahaha!
      And it sounds like it’s a good thing we got the social security number now if it’s hard to do later. We just did it now because our USA lawyer strongly recommended it. And when it comes to anything adoption related in the USA we always listen to our lawyer!


  4. Our (U.S.-born) sons’ cards with their social security numbers actually arrived at our house before their birth certificates! So far, we have had no use for them except when we have listed our sons as our dependents on OUR tax returns.

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  5. I have a client, born in 1937 and imprisoned in 1953, who didn’t have a ssn because they weren’t common back then. The social security administration ended up giving his prison number to him as his social security number! He will soon be eligible for release and having the number will help with getting nursing home care, cash benefits, etc.
    I personally hate that we are all barcoded like this but it does seem to have advantages.
    I do know that USA citizens living in other countries pay USA taxes on earnings in other countries so he will need to figure that out eventually, maybe.

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    • Wow! Prison number as social security number is just crazy! Glad he got it though!
      And yes, my understanding is that even if little MPB chooses to never live in the USA he will have to pay taxes on his earnings to the USA government. Apparently the USA is one of the only countries that does this. Regardless that’s something we will deal with when he’s much older.

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  6. Didn’t I tell you that it wouldn’t take as long as they said it would?! I’m glad you got it early! Hooray for having more things taken care of!

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  7. Babies don’t have to pay taxes….yet. With Trump, you never know what will change. Parents, however, need it to claim them on their taxes. We couldn’t claim A for 2016 because we didn’t have it in time. Side note, they told us a month or so and we had hers in less than a wee, lol.

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  8. Wow it’s amazing how long it all takes, but amazing the SSN came quicker than they said! I think the only use of SSN so far for A is at the doctors for a unique ID number! But even there it’s not necessary.
    I bet you can’t wait for all the paperwork to be done and out of your life!

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    • I don’t think we’ll have any use for Little MPB’s SSN until he starts working when he’s older. But, at least when he needs it, he’ll have it! 🙂
      And yes, my gosh, I’m dreaming of the day we are done with all this paperwork!


  9. I have only used McLovin’s SSN on our tax returns (to list him as a dependent and get the credit) and to open his own banking account. I never use SSN for identification at doctor’s office, dentist, etc. as I feel it’s much easier for it to get in the wrong hands – I used to work at a doctor’s office and I can’t tell you how many times someone would call, make an appointment and give that information then never show up. So now this office needlessly has that number which is basically your life. So after that I stopped giving it out and only on an “as needed for REAL” basis.

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